On Board the train to Leksand

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A Journey

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




In search for heart's content, I aboard a train to the land of reindeers, elks and Lake Siljan.

Glaring through the window, wild cats stare intently at the birds, ready to pounce;

Horses graze in the fields, flicking their tails to fan off flies.

Forest in sight, my heart opens;

An unhurried mind wanders and abosrbs what nature has to offer.

I started to relax.

Resting my fingers on the window

They reach out for your soft touch

But untouchable you are, through the double glazed window

The saddest breath condenses and leaves its mark

"Your presence is soothing," I hear.

A violin virtuoso starts playing in the distance as sunset advances.

My eyes are closed, but teardrops continue to travel

For they might reach you through the melodies of Nocturne

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