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Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




There’s something about the forest behind my house that intrigues me, but at the same time terrifies me. Sitting in my room, looking out at the forest, something pulls me to the tall dark pine trees, standing there ominously. I put on my jacket and go downstairs. “Mom, I’m going out to the woods!” I say. “Autumn, please be careful…” my mother replies as I run out the door. I have this recurring dream of me, at about the age of five, running through the forest, hopelessly lost and I come upon two birch trees, I run through them and that’s where the dream stops. That’s probably the reason why the lofty mysterious trees often haunt me, but that never stops me. I walk through the forest for a while, daydreaming. I think about Rodney, the guy that was meant for me. He’s a musician, I myself am artistic, but not musically, I paint, I draw and I sketch. He’s perfect for me, but I’m the only one who sees it, my best friends, Delilah and Chase, think he’s a jerk, they’re wrong, he’s just misunderstood. I smile, thinking of his deep brown eyes. Suddenly, I feel a weird sensation and I snap out of my daydream. In front of me is two birch trees. They look exactly like the trees from my dream. I start to back away, slightly scared, but then I think to myself, “They’re just trees, what is there to be afraid of?” and I step through them.

For a split second, everything is black. Then color and light slowly start to come back. The forest looks different, instead of the bright reds, oranges and yellows, everything is gray. The forest seems to have changed from fall to the dead of winter in a second. I start to think of spring, the budding leaves, blooming wildflowers and the whistle of song birds, unexpectedly, everything starts to transform, leaves bud and flowers bloom and the snow on the forest floor melts. I stand there, speechless. “I wish that my friends were here”, I whisper to myself. Delilah and Chase appear, Delilah starts to scream and Chase just stands there, dumbfounded. “Excuse me.” I say to Delilah. “I am very confused about what’s happening and I would like to figure it out without you shattering my eardrums. “ She starts spouting questions, so I yell, “Shut up! I’m trying to think!” She sits down on the ground at the base of a tree and does what I said, I turn around and Chase is still just standing there, mouth wide open, staring at me. I just turn around and start to think of anything else that I could imagine, a crisp fall day with a cloudless sky and almost simultaneously the trees change color to bright reds, oranges and yellows, flowers wilt and the temperature drops. So I imagine a coat, and instantly, there is a coat on my back. “Wow.” Says Chase as he walks over to my side. “So you can control this place?”” I think so…” I say as I start to grin. This is what I’ve always wanted, a place that I can control and do whatever I please. Delilah runs over and hugs me and says, “This is so great! I’m really happy for you. You should make Rodney appear here too.” I think about it for a couple of seconds and then I realize that that would be very awkward, considering that he doesn’t even really know me that well, he would probably think I was a freak. Delilah says, “He wouldn’t think you were a freak! I know he would love you!” Then Chase says, “ Yeah! Then you guys could live here together for the rest of your lives without any distractions. Its at that moment when realize that they’re saying exactly what I want to hear. It wasn’t even like one of those times when everything’s going right, and everyone is on your side. Then I think to myself, it would be really great if Delilah could start complaining right now like she usually does, so that I wouldn’t feel like something was wrong. So Delilah says, “ Why would you make it fall? No one likes fall, summer is much better.” I collapse at the base of an old hickory and bury my head in my hands. Now I can control them too.

After a while of sitting and thinking, we all start to set up camp. The fact that I can control my friends is kind of weird, but I have a whole world to myself, I whole world that’s mine. So I can do whatever I feel like. So, I want to stay here a couple of days, just to try it out. Night falls and we all sleep in a fort made out of fallen branches and then I think of sleeping bags and they appear. I quickly fall asleep and then I have a terrible dream. I’m being chased through the city, suddenly everything turns black and I cant see one foot in front of me. I start screaming, but no one is there, and then all of a sudden the light comes back and wolves surround me. They start growling at me and licking their lips. I back up but there’s no where to go. I scream, I kick and I fight, and then when I’ve lost all hope, Rodney turns up. “My knight in shining armor” I think. He fights the wolves for me, to save my life, but he doesn’t see it coming. A wolf sneaks up behind him, and I scream, “RODNEY!” so he turns around and the wolf goes straight for his neck. I scream, a bloodcurdling scream, one I have never used before. And then I wake up. The sun is shining, but in the distance, going away from us, there is a large, horrifying cloud, the kind that makes it almost pitch black during the day. Chase and Delilah are still sleeping, so I sneak out of the “fort”. I look around and breathe in the crisp air, smiling, “It was only a dream.” I think, smiling. I walk through the forest a bit and then on my way back to our fort, I see a bunch of rats surrounding something, I walk over to take a look. My eyes grow wide and I collapse to the ground, and I just scream. What I saw on the ground of the forest floor, the forest that I created, was the body of a boy. Not just any boy though, a boy with a huge chunk of his neck missing.

This is where I lose it. I scream. I scream for the boy that I never had, but wish I did. “ I killed him. I killed Rodney Fletcher. I am the one responsible. Chase and Delilah are quickly at my side, but only because I wanted them to be. I scream, “Go away! Wait! I don’t even have to tell you that! Because you will do anything I say!” So they vanish. I screech, “I hate this place!” and I run, I run until I don’t know why I’m running. So I stop, and then I remember, so I run some more. A voice in the back of my head says “Autumn, you have to find the birch trees, they’re the only way out.” Yet another voice says, “Stay here, this is the only place where you might be able to fix things.” So I stop running, I lay down right on the floor, and I sleep. I dream again and every night the dreams get worse. “I’m going insane… I think.” I say to myself. I don’t know what to think anymore. My thoughts are warped, not what they used to be. I don’t even remember what my life used to be. I no longer have any perception of time. After what seems to be years, I stumble upon two birch trees. I laugh, I don’t know why its so important for me to go through them, but the one sane part of my brain is telling me to run through before I change my mind. So for about the first time, since I had come to this world, I listened. I ran right through. Everything goes black. Suddenly I’m back in the forest that I have at home, standing between two birch trees, without any idea about what happened. I feel weird, but then I continue walking back home, swishing my feet through the crispy autumn leaves. Something in the far back of my memory tells me that a lot of time has passed, so I hurry home. I run through the doors of my house and yell, “I’m home!” my mother replies, “So soon?” I ignore her, pushing that comment aside in my mind as sarcasm. So I have dinner and go to bed like I normally would.

Memories flood my brain. I’m five again, playing hide and seek in the forest with my friends. I run through two birch trees without thinking, and I’m in another world. So I do as any other five year old girl would do, I create a fairy tale princess land. I have tea and scones as I sit with my royal court. Suddenly a dragon swoops down. I try to fend it off as any other five year old would, but I fail, the dragon swipes me across the back with its claws. I’m suddenly alone in my princess land, as everyone has disappeared. I lay on the ground and I cry out in pain. I run through the forest trying to get home, but I can’t. I can’t find the birch trees that lead me to this place. Finally after days, or it could be weeks of looking, I find them and I run through. Just like before, I don’t remember a thing. All I have to show of that world is a large slash across my back, but I can’t remember how I got it. And then I wake up from my dream. I’m going to cut down the trees, so no one else will have to suffer like I did. I open my eyes and yawn, and just as most dreams do, it fades from my memory. I know that it was important, but I can’t remember, this dream has already been stored away in the back of my memory, an area that won’t be accessed ever again. I rack my brain for a couple of minutes, but then move on, I change in to clothes for school and then go down and eat my breakfast. I go to school like normal, but Rodney isn’t there. Chase tells me, “I hear that he ran away from home.” Somehow I know that isn’t true. Also, for some reason I feel responsible for him not being at school. I hardly even knew him, so why would I be responsible? I shake off that creepy feeling and I walk down the hallway by myself, with a terrible feeling in my stomach.



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