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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A guy gets kidnapped by a werewolf only to wake up in a dungeon to find a blood thirsty vampire hungering for his blood.

Submitted: May 07, 2011

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Submitted: May 07, 2011



Tthe sound of my breathing echoed down the alley, accompanied by the repercussions of my feet hitting the ground. Behind me, i heard the thing that's chasing me. It's barely making any sound, but it's there, and it's closing. It's so close i can hear it scraping the ground with it's claws. I can smell its rancid breath, feel it breathing down my neck. I see the end of the alley and a small cry escapes my lips. I can taste the freedom it promises me. But before i can reach freedom, i feel its claws snatch into my flesh, and i scream, knowing that nobody will come to help. As it draws me back into the shadows, i snatch one last look at the light that could've granted me freedom.


When I awoke, I felt like hell. After moving around a bit, the sound of chains woke me up. I was chained to a wall, and the room i was in was dark. I pulled against my bonds, knowing that it would do nothing but testing them anyways.Something was soaking through the fabric of my jeans. I touched it, and it felt sticky. I struggled harder, and started swearing. Where the heck was I?

"Hello," someone called out. That someone sounded scared out of his mind. "Is anyone there? Please, you gotta stop moving. If you keep moving around, you'll draw their attention." When he said their, he let out an involuntary whimper. I moved away from the wall.

"Who're you?" I called out, "What the heck's going on?"

"Please, you gotta listen to me. They like it when you show vitality. They like it when you struggle. If you keep at it, one of them will come for you."

"Who's they?" I asked, "Is it that thing that chased me in the alley?" I shivered as I remembered it's claws digging in my back. The scars on my back ached at the memory.

"What, the werewolf? No, that's just their pet."

"What? I have to get out of here!" I started tugging on my chains like a mad man

"Stop! you're making too much noise! They're gonna kill us man! they're gonna kill us both!" I ignored him and kept on going. he kept yelling at me, until, with a resounding crash, the sound of a door slamming open hit my ears. It fell deathly quiet, and in the quiet, I could hear the sound of footsteps. the guy was whimpering and quietly begging mercy.

"Awww Zachary. Poor poor Zachary," a voice said. It chuckled, as if what it said was a secret shared between us. Like we were talking about someone behind their backs. There was the flip of a swich, and a light bulb. i was sitting in a large jail cell. There were body parts of various sizes and colors strewn throughout the cell. A few feet away there was a decapitated head staring at me. Blood was everywhere in the room. on the walls, ceiling, and pooled on the floor. I was sitting in a puddle. It had been what was soaking through my jeans. At the far end of the cell was the guy who was warning me. There was nothing remarkable about him. He had dark hair, was about average height, and was what you'd expect the average everyday Caucasian male to look like. He was huddled in a corner, staring fearfully at the bars of the cell. on the outside of the cell was a woman. Unlike the man, she was completely remarkable. Her hair was like fire, and surrounded her head in a blanket of flame. She was irrefutably beautiful, and was wearing just enough clothing to leave nothing to the imagination. But her eyes were completely black, and she was smiling at us like a kid who had found a puppy to torture.

As I watched, she opened the cage and slipped inside, heading towards Zachary.His whimpering grew louder as she came closer.

"Come on Zachary, I won't bite. Yet." She bent down and grabbed his hand. He flinched at her touch, but otherwise didn't move away.

"Please," he said, still whipering, "please don't kill me. I don't wanna die." She dragged his hand across her chest, making sure he got a good feel of her cleavage.

"Zachary, are you really silly enough to think I'd kill you without having fun with you first?" She breathed. My eyes widened at what she said. She was gonna kill him, but not before she'd had fun with him? As if he was some toy to do with what you want? As I watched, she slowly took off her flimsy excuse for a shirt, and tossed it over her head. She stooped and dipped her hand into a pool of blood, and brought it to her mouth, licking it from her fingers like it was melted chocolate. I gagged at the site. What the hell was wrong with this woman. She unchained Zachary from the wall, and used it to drag him to the middle of the cell. She then took off her mini-skirt, and stood before me with nothing on but her shoes, which she quickly kicked off. She then reached for Zach's pants, to unbutton them and pull them off. Zach had stopped talking, but was still whimpering. She pulled his pants off, and did the same thing with hisboxers. He was soon laying before us in the nude. She grabbed his flacid penis and started to move her hand along its length, slowly at first, but getting faster. Zachary let out an involuntary moan.

"See Zachary, this is gonna be as fun for you as it is for me," she said, and she stopped when his penis was standing at attention. She sat down on it,slowly easing her way onto his shaft. once she hit his base she stopped and sat there for a moment, and then started gyrating on Zachary. Zachary reached up and grabbed her tits, fundling them playing with them. She moaned with pleasure. "that's right baby," she purred, "just like that." And she rolled over, putting Zachary on top of her, and he started thrusting into her.The sound of their skin slapping and moans and grunts of pleasure fille d the cell. She leaned towards him, and i thought she was gonna kiss him, but she opened her mouth, and i saw fangs glistening in the light. She moved her mouth to his neck, and clamped down there. Zach let out a scream of pain, and they fell backwards, she on top again. She stopped sucking his neck and started back gyrating, only this time blood coated her mouth and dripped along her chin. She let out moans of pleasure, and leaned back down to his neck, sucking his blood. Suddenly, she stopped, and stood up. She grabbed Zachary and dragged him back to the wall, and slammed him against it.He picked her up, and placed his head gingerly against her cunt, rubbing it with his penis. they both let out moans of pleasure. And then he thrust into her, eplosively, and she arced with pleasure. She leaned forward again, and bit jaggedly into his neck, allowing the blood to flow freely. Sloly, Zachary's thrust's lost energy, and he dragged along the wall, until he flopped on the floor, with her still on top of him. Small moans of pleasure still escaped her, until she finished with Zachary. She slid his flacid penis out of her pussy, and stood up and turned towards me. 

She walked towards me slowly, like a cat approaching a trapped mouse, leisurely, as if she had all the time in the world. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up, until I was standing gazing down at her.

"Don't think you'll get the same treatment as Zachary. He showed proper fear in my presence," she whispered. A confused expression showed its way across my facial features. She took my hand in both of hers, and smiled at me. I found myself smiling back at her in response, and then she took one of my fingers and bent it so that the bone cracked. Intense pain shot through my arm. I fell to my knees, and she back slapped me across my face. I hit the ground hard. And she leaned her knee into my back, pushing my head into the pull of blood.

"I'm gonna engoy peeling you apart," she said. I found whimpers escaping my throat as she said this. 

"Please," I begged her, "don't kill me. i'll do anything." She laughed at that.

"You don't hae anything I want except for your blood and your pain." She picked me up again, this time by my hair, and plopped me down in a chair I hadn't noticed earlier. She bent down into a pull of blood and pulled out some pliers.

"Oh my god," I whispered, eyes growing wide at their bloody sight.

"So many uses for one of these," she said, "for instance, did you know that pulling out a fingernail is one of the most excruciating things imaginable? Here, let me demonstrate." She grabbed my broken finger, and slowly pulled on my fingernail.

"Ahhh!" I yelled out, "please, stop!" I sobbed.She ripped the fingernail out sending pain shooting up my arm, and showed me the bloodied thing before throwing it away. She looked at me hungrily, as if she were hungry after a day of hard work.

"Now that's what I like to see," She said approvingly. She walked around behind me, and clamped her hands on my shoulder. "Don't  orry, this'll only hurt a lot." And she bit into my neck and ripped a chunk of flesh out, and spat it out. Then she started gulping down the blood flooding out of my carotid artery. She rubbed the stuff all over her body, laughing at my screams of pain and begs for mercy. Slowly, as she swallowed down my blood, my world began to fade to black, and as she continued to drink it, I left it completely. 

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