Mirrors of Contrast

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Short story I've built over time. Still have Ideas but wondering about whether or not to finish it.

First 4 chapters about two worlds split between magic and humanity. When two boys in the human world realize they have magical powers their world turns upside-down revealing their past, looming future, and enemies that want their souls.

Submitted: April 25, 2011

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Submitted: April 25, 2011



Mirrors of Contrast By: Christopher Fuhr

Chapter 1- The King of the Dead

One night not long ago, the entrance hall doors to a large mansion creaked open allowing a long sliver of orange light from the underworld outside to come in, along with a small man dressed in purple and green velvet. He had very large ears with tufts of white hair sticking out of them; he had huge grungy green eyes and a baldhead, and didn’t stand more then three feet. The little man closed the giant doors so that the huge entrance hall was lit only by the greenish moonlight. As he turned around he let out a tiny shriek of horror at what he saw as a towering dark man that stood at the opposite end of the hall not facing him. “Good evening Scapes” said the man in a dark evil voice. “Hello sire” said the man called Scapes in a high nervously squeaky voice. “You know why I have come to greet you, correct?” the man inquired. “Yes sire. I believe I do, and might I add that I am very, very sorry my lord.” “Save it Scapes. I do not wish to hear what u have to say, you failed me, and I am very upset. Tell me, how hard is it to fail such a simple task?” “You don’t understand sir, He was there! He got in the way! I couldn’t have possibly-“ “Him? Surely you couldn’t have been so idiotic as to allow Locklerus to find out what you were up to? How could he have found out, the two have not even yet discovered their true power! How could he have caught on?” said the evil man, now sounding annoyed. “But sire they have.” Said Scapes advancing a bit closer to the man, a pleading look in his huge eyes. “They somehow unknowingly used their power out of panic upon my attack, it must have caught Locklerus’ attention because he arrived post haste.” “What could the two of them possibly have done that got his attention?” The man asked. “A…A magerus.” Squealed Scapes. “What? How could have they possibly? I only the other day discovered them, and they were only finding out how to levitate things. Their power could not have advanced that quickly!” “They are the chosen ones sire! And when Locklerus got there, I hadn’t a chance to get near them! He was firing every curse in the book at me! I had to flee, if you hadn’t taught me advanced martial arts I wouldn’t have been able to dodge his curses!” Scapes said his voice sounding more firm and calm. “Well then I can see now that you were not the right man for the job, my mistake. I should’ve sent Jade, he would have gotten the job done.” Said the man. “Jade? Rubbish, he could not have done any better. I am much more skill than he when fighting off Locklerus, he would have been killed in an instant.” Said Scapes reproachfully. The green moonlight shining through the window glistened on his grubby baldhead as he stare blankly at his master whom had not faced him during their entire confrontation. “Yes but you see Scapes. He would not have ever let Locklerus know what he was up to. After all he is a Feluman, he would have snuck up and sliced the two boys instantly killing them, then they would be mine, and I could use there power to tip the scales in my favor. Even though you have failed me and I do not have their power, but I will have it in time. But you my poor friend do not have time, I’m afraid you’re getting rusty and I must release you.” “Oh no!” Said Scapes falling to his knees into a low bow, “Please King Laraties, anything but that! I beg of you!” “No, I can not allow you to stay, I am the most powerful Mystia known to anyone, and I am also the King of the dead. If I want someone dead, I will have them dead, even if I must do it myself. But if it gets to the point where I must do it myself then my right hand man is not doing his job. So therefore you cannot keep it.” Said the man now called King Laraties. “It wasn’t my fault my lord it wasn’t!” said Scapes through wild sobs that broke the immense peacefulness of the hall in which they stood. “No more tears Scapes, it is time for you to go.” And without another word the dark man turned around revealing a deep red face and the blackest eyes you would ever see, overall resembled something of a snake on fire. When Scapes saw his cold black eyes and his burning red face in the green moonlight, he became deadly quiet and frozen where he stood. Laraties did nothing more but raised his hand until it was directly in line with Scapes, and in that instant he let out a small squeal and burst into a thousand pieces that instantly disintegrated into dust and disappeared. “I will not stand for a mediocre elf destroying my work.” Said Laraties. Just then and out from behind one of the pillars came a tall man covered in sleek brown fir, and had prowling catlike eyes, walked slowly toward Laraties applauding dully. “Bravo Laraties, bravo. I was wondering when you would see how much of a imp clown Scapes was.” Then he instantly became a man with Shiny black hair that was slicked back, and was wearing casual clothing, all his fir had disappeared, but his catlike eyes remained. “Oh, hello Jade, I trust you witnessed all of that?” Laraties asked. “Absolutely sire. I am honored.” Said Jade with a gleeful look in his yellow-orbed eyes. “Then I trust you heard me say that I wanted you to kill the two boys?” He asked. “Oh yes sir. And I will don’t you worry, it may take time, but I’ll get the job done.” “Good, Locklerus cannot keep them or all is lost. And you of course don’t want to end up like our little friend do you?” Laraties sniggered and gestured to where Scapes once stood. “No sire, I do not wish that at all.” And without another word, Jade stepped out the front doors of the hall and into the fiery depths of the underworld.

Chapter 2-The forgotten Family

A very long time ago, non-magic people and the magical world were one. The magical people would do all kinds of things for people who could not perform magic, so it was the greatest bond. There were many types of magic folk as there still are today and they all lived in unison with non-magic folk. For thousands of years this went on in peace and harmony, until the day that a baby named Laraties was born. He was a wizard from birth and everyone knew it, and he could do phenomenal things while he was still an infant, like went he became upset he could set the entire house on fire, and it would instantly go out when he calmed once more. As the boy grew, he became a bully and taunted the other children in the town, which he lived, Zelienore.

He began to believe that magic folk were better than non-magic folk, and he began spreading poisonous rumors to humans and wizards alike about how much they hated one another. This began to create tension and when it did not please Laraties he began to kill, and blame it on highly esteemed wizards, this began to create a wall of dislike between the two cultures and they began to taunt back and fourth towards one another. Laraties power grew so great that he began killing in vast numbers just for the sport his powers advanced to the point where people considered him a Mystia or very powerful wizard. When the High council of Mystias finally got wind of what Laraties was up to, they banished him to the depths of the earth where all the dead lay, “Since you seem to like death so much, then you can be the keeper of it.” Said one of the High Mystias. And so he was banished to become the King of the dead and they sealed off the land so only the dead could get there, but they did not seal it well enough. For there was one place in which he could break through if he gained enough power, the cemetery of Zelienore. He could send his minions in and out of the land of the dead with ease, and even he could surface for very short amounts of time, but he himself would need much more power to escape to the surface permanently, and that power he did not have at the time. He needed something that would give him the power, something only one person had. It was a sacred heirloom that was In the Lamente family. But even though Laraties was locked tight beneath the earth, the battle between the two cultures raged on and was beginning to grow dangerous. So in the midst of the night, some nine hundred years ago, the council of Mystias used all there power to separate the two worlds, making a replica where the magical people could go and live on there own, the only connection between the two worlds was a portal in the small town of Zelienore. The portal could only be used by magic folk and was at the entrance to the Zelienore cemetery. And just behind the cemetery was a sanctuary made of white ivory, a huge home that belonged to the Lamente family line. The only way to the home, was through a protected barrier between two trees, and you could only enter if a Lamente is alive and wants you there. Now there was one mistake that occurred when the worlds separated. Magical women who were carrying children of non-magical men where taken to the new world. And when they had children sometimes they had magic and sometimes they didn’t. And the Magical royal queen Grimbeldra had been carrying a non magical mans child and was forced to separate with him to join her people, she was nervous that her child would not have magic. Fortunately nine hundred years passed and not one non- magic child was born to the royal family, even though it was tainted with non-magic blood. But on the unfaithful day of September 4, 1989, the latest queen of the family had two paternal twin boys, one with jet-black hair and dark brown eyes, the other with light brown hair and the palest blue eyes. The undesirable discovery that these two boys were non magic soon swept the magic world, and the council decided to simply send them to the human world just like all the other non magic babies. The queen, in her disgusted remorse for having betrayed her family, leapt from the highest tower of her palace, to her death. And soon everyone had forgotten about the old queen and her non-magical sons, and everyone forgot about the family all together. Then in the year 2002, they made a shocking discovery, one of the high council Mystias foretold of a prophecy of two twin boys, born to royalty, with power so great it was unrecognizable. They discovered that they had 12 years earlier released the chosen ones into the non-magical world. The world that had forgotten completely about how real magic was, the world that celebrates a holiday for Laraties in which they dress as things they believed to be make believe but are actually real. This is the world that they have been relentlessly combing for the two boys for three years. But to there shock, the boys came to them.

Chapter 3-Discovery

Town Square Zelienore, 3 hours prior to Scapes death, two boys were wandering about talking amongst themselves. They hurried up the busy streets down deserted ally ways not looking at anyone else, just talking. Passer-bys swore they heard bits like “Do you think we could do it again?” and “Powers! Who would a reckoned?” The boys are none other than the chosen twins. There names are Rique and Raphael Foglan. Rique was the taller of the two and had Jet-Black hair and deep brown eyes. Raphael had light brown hair, and misty blue eyes. Over all they were both tall and built looked well nourished. Although there weren’t many who could see who they were, the were huddled together in deep conversation. “I wonder how we did that, I don’t remember how, do you?” asked Raphael as they bustled along the busy street. “No I don’t remember either, and I prefer it that way, all we need is for someone to discover were telekinetic and were off to a research facility for tests.” Rique retorted. “Oh don’t be so lame, honestly! We could keep it secret!” Raphael began to look anxious. Then after a long pause Rique said “Well, all right, all I remember is wanting you to give me my CD and bam it came to me.” “Right! Yes and I wanted it back from you and so it did!” Raphael and Rique began to reminisce upon the fight they had over a CD, until the rounded the corner. “WHATS THAT!” shouted Rique “What? Where?” Raphael said glancing nervously until he found the source. “Who, I, wow” and there at the end of the street was a little man dressed in black and purple velvet with very large ears. “Boys! Your coming with me! So sorry to be a bother but your going to have to die in the process.” Scapes exclaimed menacingly. The two boys stood there, mouths gaping, not knowing what to do. Then from somewhere deep inside of Rique came a voice that he was quite sure was not his own. “Not if I can help it you shriveled up dwarf!” said the voice from inside him. At that moment he ran over to a parking meter with out thinking and completely uprooted the parking meter from the pavement and began to wildly thrash at Scapes with such ease and with many different fluent moves that he had never seen. He felt that he was in autopilot and it was the best he had ever felt, even if he wasn’t sure how he was doing all this. “My, my, aren’t we feisty!” exclaimed Scapes jumping out of the way of his attacker and immediately casting a curse on him that froze him in a block of ice. “Ha! Well it seems your brother has cooled off a bit since his slight outburst. Now shall I just kill you both and take you with me, shall you put up a fight and I still kill you both and take you with me, the choice is yours?” said Scapes in utter hilarity as he rose up into the air ready to attack. “What do you want with us?” Raphael screamed. Even though he had noticed the streets were suddenly deserted and dead quiet. Scapes closed his eyes and began to laugh softly almost to himself and then his mouth opened and he said “Power. Now if you’ll just hold still I can make this quick.” And before Raphael knew it, Scapes conjured a fiery dragon right out of his hand and it came soaring towards him. Then suddenly just like his brother a feeling of unknown bravery and determination swept over him and he said “No. I would prefer a fight.” With that he leapt into the air with his arms spread like a winged bird and he gracefully swooped backward up through the air and landed aloft a building just dodging the dragon that was now following his path up the building. His heart and mind began to race in disparity of what to do and suddenly his body took over once more and he quickly leapt once more only this time onto the dragons back and he firmly grabbed it by the head and giving it a quick jerk to the left. When he heard the satisfying crack of its neck he leapt off the quickly disintegrating spell that Scapes had conjured and landed beside his frozen brother. He gave the ice a sharp kick and it shattered leaving his still quite cold brother lying in a heap upon the floor, he recovered quickly and got up still clutching the parking meter. “This is what you get for freezing me!” exclaimed Rique as he threw the parking meter as hard as he could through the air towards Scapes. It went flipping by so fast that the little man had barely gotten out of the way before it went crashing into a building and out the other side and kept going until it was out of sight over the mountains. “Oh! You boys are really pushing it! I said I would make it quick! But now that I think of it, torture sounds better! He thrust his hand in the direction of the two boys sending an unknown force that lifted them into the air. “Lets see how 1000 volts feels.” Scapes said menacingly and with a flick of his wrist, a pain that was unimaginable began to pulsate through the boys, they kicked and screamed in agony as Scapes screeched with laughter as he hovered there with his hand still outstretched. Both Raphael and Rique seemed to know what each other were thinking, they both wanted nothing more than for this pain to stop. It took all their might but they looked at each other and as they did the pain seemed to subside just the slightest bit and they began to feel something different pulsate through them. At that moment something that could only be described as two bright orange beams of light connected their eyes and the pain subsided more. The orange light spread downward through there bodies to their finger tips, which straightened stiff as a board and the strange orange beams shot out from each finger tip and the pain subsided yet even more. When the light had consumed there whole body and the pain was completely gone, the strange feeling that had swept over both of them before came again and it tore there gazes apart from each other and they tilted there heads back and opened there mouths to scream. Instead of a scream two beams of orange light came spilling out there their gaping mouths and connected in the air above them creating a dome that that reached the ground and began to expand in all directions. It advanced on Scapes instantly disintegrating anything it touched. Scapes flew upward just in time and it just scraped his tail flap of his jacket setting it ablaze. He quickly put it out and hovered watching the dome of light consume and destroy the town. Every bit of orange light that filled their bodies was being drained out until every last bit was gone and the orange dome disappeared, the two boys dropped to the ground and a large portion of the town was left in ruin. “I, a magerus! Imposs-, I…” Scapes gaped downward at the boys. They began to stir and they both got up slowly and looked around at what they had done. “Holy hell…how did we do that?” Raphael exclaimed “I’m, I’m not sure. I don’t even know what we did, let alone how.” Rique whispered. “I admit I am not sure how you did that either. A magerus! Well I’ll have to make sure it wont happen again!” Scapes said in a voice of utter amazement. “No Scapes it wont happen again, at least not today! Your time comes to an end here!” said a voice from behind the boys. They turned around and a man with brown hair that was graying, the most impenetrably gray eyes, and a short beard was standing behind them in long white robes that seemed to glow and had a naginata in one hand that had a very deadly looking crescent moon blade. “Locklerus! No! You stay away from my kill!” and once again he sent a fiery dragon at the three of them. The man named Locklerus grabbed the two boys and suddenly everything went very bright and there feet lifted off the ground, for a brief moment they felt like they were flying very fast and they suddenly came to a halt and they were now to the left of the dragon about twenty yards away. They dragon was looking very confused. When it finally spotted them it was too late. Locklerus sent an emerald green beam of light whizzing towards the monster. As it crashed into its chest it quickly disintegrated as it had done before. Locklerus then rounded towards Scapes and began waving his hand wildly conjuring bright beams that Scapes seemed to be dodging with some difficulty. Locklerus then threw the naginata so that it caught Scapes by the neck of his coat and pinned him up against a wall that was still standing. “They will not be your kill, they are my new pupils and as I said your end is now!” he sent another emerald beam of light towards Scapes whom with a screech of defeat disappeared leaving an outline of himself in thin wispy smoke that was blown away when the emerald beam of light smashed into the wall knocking it over. He went and retrieved his naginata from the rubble and returned to the two boys. “Where did he go?” Rique whispered. “Back to the underworld I should think” Said Locklerus “So that little man is dead?” said Raphael the sun gleaming in his pale blue eyes as he looked at Locklerus. “No he is not dead. Nor is he a man. He is a minion for King Laraties of the underworld. His name is Scapes and he is an elf.” Locklerus looked towards where Scapes had once been and whispered. “His time did not end now, but it will soon.” “What do you mean” Rique said, excitement and curiosity very apparent in his voice. “Laraties will be very upset that he did not bring you two to him. So he will kill him. That means we must hurry.” Said Locklerus looking towards the mountains in which the parking meter had disappeared. “We? What do you mean we? I don’t know you! And look at the town, its destroyed! Certainly we cannot leave now! And where is everyone?” Raphael said, with anger rising in his voice. “My name is Locklerus Lamente, I am a Mystia from the magical world and I’m here to retrieve you two. I shall teach you how to use your power that you have just previewed today. Scapes put a time stop on the town so that his mission would not be interrupted. That will only cease to be when he chooses to start time again, or if he dies the spell will break, which means we do not have much time. I will be sending repair Mystias here in a moment to fix your town, so do not worry about it. Does that answer all questions?” said Locklerus beaming at them. “Ok, you expect us to know what that means? And if I hadn’t seen you do all that crap, I would think you were on drugs!” said Raphael with a scowling look on his face. Rique dropped with laughter and when he had pulled him-self together Locklerus let out a small laugh and said. “I’ll explain everything later, but right now it is time to return to the magical world, if you close you eyes it makes this much more tolerable.” And with that he grabbed the two boys once again and there feet left the ground as they were blinded by a bright light, they both tightly shut there eyes.

Chapter 4-Training day

The boys opened their eyes to see themselves in front of the St. Gregory’s Catholic cemetery. “I know where we are!” Said Rique without any hesitation. “ Were on top of the mountains in the cemetery! Our mom said for us to never come up here, strange things happen here.” “Strange to her maybe.” Said Locklerus in a serious tone. “But perfectly normal to anyone else who is comfortable with magic. The only strange thing that has happened here was that a parking meter nearly crashed through our magical barrier a bit earlier. Have to say it did catch my attention! That’s quite an arm you have!” he said gesturing toward Rique who blushed crimson. “At any rate, I’ve been watching you two for a time now. It may be hard to grasp but you are going to have to put your old life behind and join the magical realm. I know I’m throwing a lot at you at once boys but the proper measures have already been taken and you two no longer exist in the non-magical world.” Locklerus looked down at the boys sympathetically. “You mean, no one remembers us?” said Rique his eyes beginning to swell a bit with tears, but never letting one fall. “I can’t believe this! You expect us to leave our lives to join you at some wacky house?” Said Raphael with a bit angrier tone but was still all the more upset. “Boys I understand that you don’t want to go! If I could give you a choice I would! But you see, its either I let you go and you are killed and go to the underworld to join the demon lord, or you come with me and live.” Locklerus began to sound annoyed. “But this is home. Where we grew up!” said Rique. Looking down the mountain on the town that lay in rubble. “I can assure you that growing up here was a mistake. You two are royalty, not only that, but together you are the most powerful wizards known for this time. You are the chosen ones. “ Locklerus’ voice dropped to a whisper as he said this, as if it were a secret. “Well I suppose we haven’t a choice.” Raphael said after a moment. “No I’m afraid not.” Locklerus spoke again. “ Now if you’ll just come this-“ “Hello Locklerus!” said a man accompanied by three other men all dressed in bright red gowns, both of the boys noticed that they had appeared from no where. “Oh hello Boyd! I would like you to meet Raphael and Rique.” Locklerus gestured towards the boys and the three men all gave slight nods. “Boys I would like you to meet these three. Boyd, Abraham, and Wayne. They are repair Mystias and have come to fix your town.” And without another word the men walked over to the cliff overlooking the town raised there palms, and began to hum in unison. The boys could not help but think that it was beautiful. They watched as if time was going in rewind, buildings and homes began to rebuild themselves in seconds and rubble was cleared away. The boys felt a hand on their shoulders and they looked to see Locklerus gesturing towards the entrance to the cemetery. “As I was saying before I was interrupted, if you will just come this way.” They began to walk into the cemetery and before they knew it, there bodies were swept with a cool sensation and everything around them was very pale blue. All that could be heard were the sounds of their heartbeats and their breathing was very slow. They both got a strange feeling of being suffocated, they felt weightless and yet felt as if something were pulling at them. Suddenly everything sprang back to life and they were back in the cemetery, except the men were not there, the town below looked almost medieval, and there were rolling fields as far as the eye could see. “What just happened?” Raphael whispered “We took a portal through time, there is one set up right on the road of the cemetery. Only those with magical auras may pass though this portal, is this what your mother thought as “strange things”? Locklerus said, not even looking at the boys. “Yes, people appear. The town thought you were ghosts.” Said Rique sinking to the ground. “I miss my mother already. I’ll never see her again. “You may in time, but first we must work on the task in hand, I’m sorry I must push you away from your old life.” Locklerus look sympathetically down at Rique. Raphael ran and knelt by Rique to embrace him. “You should be sorry! You’ve just forced us to leave our home! I have no idea who you are!” Raphael said as his eyes welled with tears. “I told you my name is Lockler-“ “I know what your name is! But we have only known you for an hour! You’ve saved our lives with your crazy voodoo, big deal! I would have rather died than been forced from my home! Especially when no one will ever have any recollection of us! We're forgotten! We don’t exist any more!” Raphael fell to the ground and began to weep as his brother already was beside him. Locklerus knelt down beside his pupils. “I cannot be sorry enough for what has happened! But I need you boys! The whole magical world needs you!” “For what?” said Rique through his tears. “I cannot explain now, these parts are notorious for eaves droppers, but perhaps I can tell you one story.” Locklerus went on two tell them the story of the forgotten family and when he had finished Rique looked at him and said. “So our real mother killed herself because we weren’t good enough, then everyone forgot about us?” Raphael looked as if he were going to break down again but Locklerus said impatiently “Haven’t you been listening? She thought you weren’t good enough because you had undetectable power! And now that everyone's found out about the prophecy, you have not been forgotten! Fear not young ones, you have not been forgotten here.” Locklerus was silent for a moment and looked at the boys before saying “Come we have meandered too long in this area, it is time for us to go home, and I promise you it will be nothing but.” They followed Locklerus through the cemetery to a tree line in the far back. Locklerus gestured for them to walk through a large opening in the tree line. Through the gap all that could be seen were still rolling hills. “How far is your place anyways? All I can see are fields.” Said Raphael, both the boys had calmed down more, they were mystified by their past, and their minds were fluttering with all that had happened in the past few hours. “It is not far at all my boy just walk through the gap and you shall see.” Locklerus once again gestured toward the opening and the boys walked through. Everything was once again a pale blue for a moment and they felt the uncomfortable suffocating sensation, and it ended, and once again they were in a totally different place than before. They were in a beautiful garden and not far away was a beautiful ivory palace that glimmered vibrantly in the sunlight, silk drapery hung from every entry way and window and they all blew lazily in the wind. Rique remembered seeing something like it in school, it seemed to look like a downscale version of the Taj Mahal. “This is your place?” Raphael sputtered “It is, and it is also yours my boy.” Locklerus whispered, as if he did not want to disturb the tranquility of the garden. Humming birds flew about from flower to flower; it was so thick and colorful that the fragrance was astounding. “It’s amazing, how did u get this?” Rique said in awe. “It’s been in my family for, oh a few thousand years at least.” Said Locklerus in proud tones. “I’ve found the flaw” said Raphael with a smug look on his face. “Flaw? There are no flaws in the Mogria palace, please elaborate.” Locklerus had a confused look on his face as he said this, but never the less Raphael continued. “What happens when it rains, or snows? This place looks a bit drafty for my taste.” The smug look on his face got even thicker with pleasure, and Rique chortled at the remark. But Locklerus simply chuckled, and spoke. “Silly boy, all I must do is some simple enchantments!” He waved his hand and a door instantly appeared in a giant archway. “So next time you try to make a mockery of our home, figure out if your theory is correct first.” The look on Raphael’s face vanished instantly and was dumbfounded. Locklerus simply smiled again and gestured toward the palace. “Silly joke my boy, now if you’ll just come this way, Mogria awaits us.” The fact that Locklerus had not punished him for the remark, but had only chuckled and smoothed right over it made Raphael look at him in a different way, maybe after all he wasn’t an awful man. When they went through the archway of the palace, there were in a large entry hall, they kept following Locklerus down a glass staircase to the right of the hall, when they reached the bottom, they were in a large room full of big satin pillows and on the far wall there was what appeared to be a television the size of a school bus. Even when they went down the glass steps there were still windows with silk curtains fluttering in the breeze, and the golden sunlight reflected from every surface of the room. “Locky you made it home all right!” said an excited female voice from somewhere in the room. Suddenly a girl came whirling around them and then came to a halt in front of the trio. “Oh hello young lady! I found the boys. This is Rique and Raphael. Boys this is your new partner Brimbrezeldra Cliff.” Locklerus made gestures to everyone to make sure that he had introduce everyone properly. Brimbrezelda, to the boy’s shock, had green skin and large insect wings, although it did not quaver her beauty. She had big dark blue eyes, very long brown hair that she kept high in a ponytail. She wore a light yellow sun dress and brown Roman style sandals. She seemed very innocent, and yet the long black veil that she twirled between her fingers gave her a very dangerous look. “Charmed I’m sure.” She said looking deeply at Rique, whom Raphael noticed by the look in his eye, was very fond of Brimbrezelda. “But please, call me cliff. Honestly what was my mother thinking? I can’t even say my own name!” Cliff began to giggle, but Locklerus cut her off. “Brimbrezelda is a sprite, she has been my pupil since she was three, she is very skilled.” Cliff rolled her eyes at this comment. “Skilled? I have been training all my life and I’m right were you two are! And you’ve only accidentally used your magic! I hope to someday become as strong as you.” Once again Cliff was staring at Rique batting her eyes. Locklerus noticed and trudged on. “She was the one that actually found you two, isn’t that correct?” He looked toward Cliff. “Oh yes! I was shopping! New day Zelienore has so much great vintage clothing! As a matter as a matter of fact this dress-“ she was cut off by Locklerus clearing his throat loudly. “Oh uh, yes I did discover you, when I walked by you one day I heard you talking about your powers. I came and told old Locky here, so we’ve been looking around for you for about a week, but you guys pretty much came to us! A magerus! Certainly got my attention! Hope I can make a magerus someday.” She giggled a bit and then composed herself, and then Locklerus spoke. “Now, I’m guessing you would like to know the full extent of your powers? “One minute,” Raphael said “Don’t you think people would notice a green girl with gigantic wings, just out and about shopping?” Raphael was once again questioning the extent of magic. This only made Cliff giggle. “You boys really are new to this aren’t you?” And with that Cliff shut her eyes and gave a very concentrated expression, he perfectly smooth green face scrunched a bit, and in a few seconds the air around her began to ripple. It was as if you were looking at her through water, and with every wave that passed she began to look more and more human. She then landed on the floor, her skin a tan, her wings gone, and her eyes still that deep blue. She gave out a giggle. “Call me Brittney.” She chortled, and instantly changed back “Holy Crap! Can we do that?” Rique’s jaw had dropped during the spell; he was obviously satisfied with her beauty. “Well if you had been listening, I asked you if you wanted to know how to use your powers!” Locklerus said once again raising his tones slightly. “Oh yea we do!” Raphael blurted out. “Well then, the first thing you must know is that you are Mystias. This means that you can shoot a Mystia beam.” Locklerus paused a moment to make sure they were all paying attention. “ Now to do this you must concentrate. After some practice this will take only a fraction of a second, but for now concentrate all your mind to your hands. And imagine that you can shoot magic from your hands.” Locklerus closed his eyes and held up his hands to demonstrate but Raphael cut him off. “Imagine? Your saying all I do is imagine? How come it never worked before? How come when I wanted to fly I couldn’t? His smug grin returned and it was once again doused as Locklerus’ thick gray eyes darted at him. “Imagination is the root of magic! Don’t you watch, oh what are they called, cartoons? Oh and the reason you cant fly is simply because Mystias don’t fly.” Locklerus gave Raphael a look, then beamed and moved on. “Now where was I? Mystia beams! Oh yes, Imagine deep inside you! Brimbrezelda would you like to demonstrate?” Cliff almost fell over when he called on her to demonstrate but never the less she beamed and shook her head violently. Then she stepped in front of them and began to roll up the black veil in her hand. She got into a stance as if she were about to take the veil and snap someone quite hard with it. Then she did exactly that, she gave a hard crack of the veil and a forest green burst of light erupted from the veil toward the school bus sized screen. It contacted the screen and as it did, it immediately turned on and a very attractive woman in a tight satin red dress appear on the screen and said “Nice shot” and disappeared again. “Whoa.” Rique stammered, “ The wall just talked!” at this comment Locklerus chuckled and said “Yes, self –esteem raising target practice, that television is one of my prize possessions! The magical world is much more advanced than modern day Zelienore, we just prefer the more antique styles of living” Locklerus seemed to be getting away from himself, but in a moment he snapped back to action. “Now you two! You must learn the art of the Mystia beam! Imagine that you can shoot magic from your hands!” At this Raphael and Rique stepped up and faced the screen. Raphael held up his left and Rique held up his right hand. They both sat for a few seconds their minds blank, then the voice of Locklerus echoed in their minds and they began to concentrate. Both of their hands suddenly got warm and they opened their eyes in time to see a beam erupt from each of their hands. Rique’s was a light baby blue; Raphael’s was a deep red. They were mystified by what they had just done, as the beams crashed into the television, the women appeared and exclaimed “Nice shot”. “Wow” Raphael said in wonder. “Yea” Rique answered. “ There is plenty more! But right now I must show you the most important of all! I have never actually seen how this works as you two are the first to do this since the last chosen one-“ he was cut off by Rique. “There were chosen ones before us?” he said with a bit of disappointment in his voice. “Oh yes! But never two at the same time, you two are actually quite different, and if trained correctly you will be unstoppable.” As Locklerus said this the pride in Rique’s face returned. “Now once again back to what I was saying. You two each have a power deep inside of you that can make you do amazing things. With the proper imagination and the correct word it will be unlocked. Raphael let us start with you.” The looked on Raphaels face was a scared one, but he composed himself because he had to stay strong. “Your word is stealth, try it now, imagine you’re a panther leaping through the jungle.” Raphael immediately shut his eyes and began to concentrate. “Stealth.” He said in a calm voice. For a few seconds nothing happened, but suddenly he felt warm tears running down his face. He ignored them and kept concentrating. What he did not know was that his tears were thick and black as night, and when Rique caught sight of them he let out a slight squeal. This caused Raphael to wrench his eyes open and look down. His body was being enveloped in a black liquid that quickly hardened until he was completely covered. “Dude! Look at you! You look sweet!” said Rique, Locklerus waved his hand and a mirror appeared and Raphael looked in. He was covered neck down in a black body suite that resembled a wet suite, his hair was jet black that stood on end, and his eyes were a deep green, and resembled those of a cat. He smiled, his teeth were razor sharp and he jumped back in fright. “Do not be afraid,” Locklerus assured “This is your true form. Now take a deep breath and clear your mind.” Raphael did so and when he opened his eyes and had returned back to normal. “Now me!” Rique said gleefully “Ah yes,” Locklerus began “Your word is strength, now do exactly as I told you brother, only picture yourself as a great gorilla.” “Ooga Booga” said Raphael with a slight chortle. “Can it” said Rique with a scowl “All right, here we go.” Rique said as he closed his eyes, and exclaimed his word, the transformation was not as peaceful as he had expected, he felt his bones cracking and his body twisting, it was not painful, just severely uncomfortable. He fell to his knees and waited for it to be over. When he opened his eyes to get up his right hand had doubled in size, and his left hand was now a hammer half the size of Cliff. When he stood up he towered over everyone and he soon found a gigantic sword strapped to his belt, when he unsheathed it, he realized it was about the size of Raphael. When he looked down he realized all his clothes had ripped off save for his pants that were now shorts. “You look...ripped!” Raphael was practically vibrating with excitement. But before anything else could be said Locklerus cut them off. “Now clear your mind” He said, once Rique did this he returned to normal and his clothing was completely restored. “That is so cool!” Raphael yelled. “Awesome!” Rique exclaimed, “Can you do that?” “Something a bit like it.” Locklerus whispered. In an instant he had become a great golden hawk that had the grayest eyes. Suddenly he changed back. “I am a Hakuman, there are many different types of shifters, Felumans who change to a catlike creature, and Wolumans who change into wolves, are to name a few.” “You change so quickly,” Raphael sputtered. “Yes, well don’t worry, you’ll get much better! It’s always slow at first. And Rique the uncomfortable feelings will go away once you do this a few times! Now that we have squared that away, there is much more to learn. I am a very busy man though so I have a trainer for you; he is very skilled and will teach you everything you need to know. Hold on a moment while I fetch him.” He left the room and Brimbrezelda turned to face them. “Oh were going to have so much fun! We are rooming together so we can talk and visit all we want” She began to flit around them a few inches off the ground. “Oh I wouldn’t mind that.” Rique whispered. Raphael elbowed him and began to ask her a question that he was dieing to know. “So why does Locklerus need us so bad? What’s going on around here?” Cliff landed in front of him. “I’m not sure, Locky is always so mysterious about these things. I have only heard a few things, stuff about the underworld, and Laraties.” “Oh yea” Raphael began “ Who is this Lara-“ he was cut off by the doors of the hall swinging open as Locklerus and a tall thin man with dark blue hair that was slicked back strode in. He was in all black robes. “Oh you’ll like this guy,” Cliff whispered “He’s one high class a-.” “Boys meet your new teacher. Warm up to him because he is the best of the best” Locklerus beamed at them, the man stepped forward more and put his arms behind his back and said. “Hello boys, I have been awaiting this day for years. My name is Polkra and I will be your teacher from here on out.”

Chapter 5- The Underworld

Immediately after meeting Polkra they were sent to their room so they could wash up and go to sleep. The day had been long and they were very tired. Cliff led them back up the glass staircase and back into the entry hall. She took a sharp left towards two solid oak doors at the far end of the hall. The palace was beautiful, golden statues were everywhere, and all the marble floors were lined with red carpet. A warm breeze blew in through the silk drapery from the gardens that were now preparing to sleep. Dusk was falling upon the palace, and the red sun cast wonderful colors all around the ivory walls.

When they reached the oak doors Cliff opened them and drifted through, Rique and Raphael followed. They traveled down this hallway and that, until the two boys were quite lost. “How are we supposed to find our way back?” Rique said with a look of worriment on his face. “Just ask the sculptures,” Cliff answered simply. “The what?” Raphael said, with a low exasperated tone. “The Sculptures, here I’ll show you.” She flew over to a golden lion and gave him a tap on the nose. Its eyes opened and it yawned lazily. “Oh not now Cliff. I’m trying to sleep! I’ve had a long day guarding the corridor.” Said the lion with a puff. “Oh come off it Charlie! We have guests! Spread the word that the chosen twins have come to Mogria palace.” The look on the lions face changed drastically as Cliff said this. “The twins! Well I never! I’m Char-, Its an honor-, oh gracious!” And with that he leapt from his pedestal and bounded out of sight. “See? If he’s not in complete bewilderment he’ll help you!” Cliff beamed “We might be in bewilderment too!” Said Rique with an exasperatedly confused look on his face. Cliff glanced over and said “You can’t take anything for granted here guys. Pretty much anything is possible.” Her great blues eyes plunged right into Rique when she said this. She flicked her hair across his face flirtatiously and continued down the Corridor. They went up a few flights of steps and down a few more hallways. They had been walking for what seemed like forever. The palace was huge and it was an infinite land of wonder. As they rounded the next corridor the air became thick, and everything was dim. To the right there was a large stone door with an inscription in some strange language. The door did not look very inviting. “What’s in there?” Raphael asked. “Locklerus’ father.” Cliff replied immediately. “I’ve never seen him; he’s been imprisoned in there for years.” “But why? Who would do such a thing?” Rique said in angry tones. “Locklerus himself did it. And for good reason too! His father was once the chosen one, but he fell to the evil hand of Laraties and lost most of his power. Thus you two were born! Luckily Locklerus was able to get him back before Laraties used his power to form evil. There is so much more to it, but Locky won’t tell me. He only says that someday he will be free. “Ok who is Laraties?” Raphael asked feeling quite annoyed. “He’s the lord of the underworld.” Said Cliff in a whisper. “Then why would Locklerus’ father be so stupid as to fall to the hands of the devil?” said Rique. “Because he is not the Devil! He is his right hand man. He is Locklerus’ brother.” Cliffs voice was beginning to tremble. “ So that’s what he’s hiding is it? His dads gone loony so he needs us to take his place! Wow, that is one serious case of separation anxiety.” Raphael said, already laughing at his own joke. “Oh I hardly think that’s it! You two are the chosen Mystias! He is just here to train you!” Said Cliff, her eyes beginning to burn with anger towards Raphael. “What exactly do we do? What’s the purpose?” Rique spoke for the first time in a few minutes and he looked extremely confused. Cliff answered “You two, and I are to be trained so that we can protect the magical world from what ever happens to come along. Believe it or not there are things such as monsters.” “Well, I’m not so sure I’m ready for that.” Said Rique. “Its too early to tell. Now come on and lets get to our rooms.” Cliff drifted off in silence. Finally they reach a tower with red carpet leading up the spiral staircase, when they reach the top they were greeted by a wooden door. Cliff opened the door and the boys jaws dropped. The room was white as ivory with the same silk curtains. There were three beds each large puffy and very inviting. “Whoa I think we are in the wrong room.” Rique said “No this is it, our room. I was amazed at first also, and I can assure you that this palace will be one amazement after another.” Said cliff. Raphael ran and hopped onto a bed as it wobbled like jelly, then is slowly sunk down and threw almost a veil of relaxation over him. “So what’s your story?” he said with inquiry in his eyes. Cliff turned crimson and said, “Oh its not important at all.” “No, you know our story left and right. What is yours?” Raphael said beginning to pry. “ Everyone must learn your story that’s why! Mine isn’t importa-“ “Of course it is! Everyone’s story is important! Now tell us! Why are you at Mogria palace?” Rique said, also becoming curious. Cliff sat for a moment saying nothing then slowly forced it out. “Its because Laraties killed my mother. While you two weren’t around, there was a league of magical figures who protected us from evil. One day there was an uprising in the cemetery, evil spirits began launching an attack on the barrier between the human and magical world. The league went to fight them off, I was three at the time and my mother was sent. I snuck into her utility bag when she wasn’t looking and she brought me to the cemetery with her.” Cliff’s eyes began to tear; the words began to come faster like a train flying down a hill out of control. “I crawled from her bag and what I saw was horrible. It was a trap, and Laraties was waiting for the entire league there. His terrible red eyes scan across the cemetery as he lazily waved his hand leaving a clean horizontal gouge in the bellies of three league members charging at him. They fell to the ground quickly dieing. My mother courageously circled above throwing charms at him left and right. It almost seemed as if she was winning, then she saw me, and so did Laraties. He grinned his disgusting black teeth at me and raised his hand and shot a violent red beam in my direction. “Brimbrezeldra!” my mother screamed as she nose-dived from the sky towards me. I watched it all happen; she made it just in time to save me. She was also just in time for the beam to slam into her and disintegrating on contact. Her dust blew softly across my cheek in the wind, and I began to sob. I sobbed for my mother and for my life. He advanced on me, and just as he got to me I was consumed by a flash of emerald green. Locklerlus had saved me that day, and when I woke he told me I would live here now. As I got older I began to realize that Laraties would someday pay, and it would be at my hand. Not a day goes by that I still don’t believe that.” By the time she had ended, he green face was now white, and he happiness had faded to a dismal level. “I’m, I’m so sorry.” Said Rique “If we had known it was so painful we wouldn’t have pried.” Raphael said apologetically. “Oh its fine,” Cliff sniff and wiped away a few tears, now beginning to return to normal. “I keep it from interfering with my life, and I try to stay as happy as possible. That’s what she would have wanted.” “Well if it makes you feel better, were glad we met you.” Said Rique with a deep look in his eyes. “Try not to let your tongue fall out of you mouth.” Said Raphael with a snip of attitude. “Why don’t you just can it? Isn’t there a mute button? Honestly I-“ Raphael cut him off quickly “Who is that? What is that?” Said Raphael with all of his attention directed out the window. The other two gathered around the window to gaze out into the cemetery beyond the palace. A dark figure loomed in the distance standing before a gravestone, it appeared to have cat-like ears but it was to far away to tell. The figure made some sort of motion and the ground before the gravestone suddenly split. A red light cut through the night darkness as he slowly disappeared down what appeared to be stairs. “ I’m going after him!” Raphael began to slide off his bed. “No! You can’t! That was a Feluman! Do you have any idea what he would do to you?” Cliffs blue eyes had changed to a dreary gray and her nose was slightly wrinkled as she scowled. “Cliff is right man, we know nothing about this world, we had better save it for another day.” Rique sided with Cliff. “Well fine you two can stay! But all I know is that this guy is going to somewhere that looks like the underworld, and if I slaughter the Laraties guy, this can all end and I can go home!” Raphael was succumbing with anger as he slid the window open nearest him. “Home? You are home! There is no taking back what has happened! You are needed here! No matter what happens to Laraties!” Cliff Darted her eyes at him making him jump where he stood, then his eyes narrowed as he said. “ Well if you want to miss out on your chance to kill Laraties yourself then stay here” Cliffs eyes changed instantly electric blue, her black veil tied around her waste was crackling electrically at the thought of destroying Laraties. Rique cut them off. “You guys are stark mad! Does it occur to you that you could be killed! This is the underworlds apprentice we are talking about!” Cliff snapped back to reality and looked at Raphael. “The time will come when I will get revenge, that time is not now.” “I think it is.” Said Raphael as he quickly turned to his jet-black stealth form and back flipped from the window. Rique ran to the window followed by Brimbrezeldra, he had not realized how high they had climbed to there room, the fall had to be hundreds of feet. They scanned the lawn expecting at any moment to see Raphael’s mangled corpse, but instead they saw him bounding across the lawn in the direction of the cemetery. “Raph! You idiot! Wait till I get down there!” Rique backed away from the window and then charged forward and dove through. Brimbrezeldra ran to the window. “NO!” she screamed as she watched Rique’s Frail body become a gigantic mass of muscle and hammer. He made contact with the ground with a thud, and bounded across the yard after Raphael. Cliff began to grumble to herself about what idiots the boys were as she slowly levitated off the ground and gracefully flew from the window. When she reached the ground the boys were bickering, Raphael darted around Rique as he swung his hammer relentlessly back. The hammer was just about to make a blow to the side of Raphael’s head when a tiny hand caught it. Rique whirled around to see Cliff giving him the death stare. “You two are the stupidest people I have ever met! What if someone finds us out here? Do you have any idea how much trouble we will be in?” Raphael looked at her and said “Well I guess we mustn’t let anyone see us then.” And he darted through the portal to the cemetery; Rique quickly followed leaving Cliff behind. “Damn you two, Damn you!” And through the portal she went.

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