Jikuko's Twin

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Jikuko's sister Levi falls into a river.

Submitted: September 16, 2010

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Submitted: September 16, 2010



Moderunu’s River, Japan

The cold water reached up to Levi’s neck, she gasped for air and called out “Help me! Help!” The desperate words never seemed to reach any ones ears.
Levi was currently drowning in the river that nearly wrapped it’s self around her town. Her town was barely noticeable, forested in trees. The townsfolk made a living off of all the wood they had around them. Men spent their days cutting down trees while woman cooked and fed the families and few tourists that came by.
It all seemed so old, the way everyone did things around the town. Even some of the people spoke in old Japanese. And it was the twenty-first century, which confused Levi. What was really ironic was that the towns name was Moderunu, meaning ‘modern’.
The water was now trying to push into her tightly closed mouth, once failing it shot up her nostrils. “Gwah!” She yelped, trying her best to make it to the rivers bank.
Now you might ask yourself how Levi was drowning when her town was forested by a thick layer of trees? Well, her father who was kind of crazy had asked her and her brother to go fetch some fish. Who would ask two short fourteen year olds to go fetch fish from one of the most dangerous rivers? Her father.
Where was her brother? Levi thought to herself. The idiot must have seen a bug and ran off. She tried shouting one more time, “Brother!” before the river swallowed her up.
Everything went quiet for a second, her eyes were wide from the shock, I’m dying.

Jikuko Dogu was fiddling with a worm, right outside of the forested area. He sighed, upset that his twin sister Levi had yelled at him.
“Just go away!” Levi yelled, her arms flaring from her sides, “You’ve been no help!”
Everyone said she was a lot more mature then him, and louder at that. A lot of people’s first impressions of Jikuko were that he was a mute. It’s not that he was shy or anything, he just didn’t know what to say.
Even though they were the same age, Levi was like Jikuko’s big sister. The one that always helped him out of trouble. She had never yelled at him like that before, he wasn’t sure what she was mad about.
“Brother!” He heard his sister calling for him, it sounded like a gargling scream. Jikuko stood up and ran to the rivers edge. He saw the hand of his drowning sister sinking down into the icy cold water. His eyes widened and he screamed “LEVI!” He almost flew into the water but was smarter then that. Jikuko stared at the water, traces of his sister gone. Tears burned his cheeks.

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