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Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012








‘The Darkness of the street seems to be darker than the darkness of the devils diabolism’. The darkness seems to have engulfed the existence of the leaving creature present in the street this night. Every single individual seems to have covered themselves tightly by their near and dear once in to their cozy bed for the rest of the night. Not even the street dog is showing the courage of raising their voice against this darkness. More-over as a sign of respect the local electricity board also decided to put their hands up and electricity down for the time being.


One single house seems to have decided to go against these environmental expressions. The house comprises of two people: 1) Rani andthe second herMadam who is desperate for a particular thing. And that isa recently published Novel named as ‘AUTOGRAPH’ wrote by a new born stylish writer.


Madam:”Rani, can you please explain why am I not eligible to get the book? Why thou lord almighty is so partialto me?


"Why my luck has turned out to be the toughest competitor to fight with?"


Rani: ‘Dear Madam requests you to kindly calm yourself down please. Uare truly eligible to get the book from the market and not from the others. Lord almighty will definitely shower its kindness upon you just have patience. By the way why don’t you Xerox from other person for the time being till you get the original one from the market?’


‘Are you crazy?’ screamed madam. Suddenly the wooden door of the house started moving one, two, and three times continuously disturbing the peace of the environment.


The movement was definitely a question for those two individuals staying inside the house, but it took almost 15 minutes for them to get the answer that they need to open the door.


“Who’s there?” asked Rani in a broken tone?


No reply.


“May I know, who’s…………….”


“Open the door, please, need help “screamed the stranger in a tired, desperate, dying tone.


“Madam please does not open the door? You never know who the individual is”?


No reply, as her madam rushed towards the door to open.


“Madam Madam please does not, do not open the door! It can be anybody? Whispered Rani by moving her legs towards the backend of the room along with the candle.


A silent look is what Rani received from her madam, as she opened the door.


“A look that defines the passion of helping the others, a look that ask a single question to the civilized world as to the reason of loving own self the most, a look that creates a difference between the outside darkness and the inner light.


“Water! Please mam, a glass of water!” Begged thou stranger.


“Your identity Sir”? Madam asked.


A Stranger mam, who is dying in pain!”


‘I told you mam, not to open the door, just see his condition? ’Shouted Rani, moving further back.


Again that silent look…….


“Sir, will this much of water do”? Asked madam by given a half filled bottle.


“Just see his condition Rani? Feel the pain and then asked the question.”


“If you cannot do that then please let me have the permission to call the local police” uttered Rani.


“I’m not a robber, neither a terrorist, nor an antisocial! I am just an individual who has lost his everything few hours back in a car accident, but lord almighty being so kind of me by saving my life to start all over again” explained the stranger being proud of his existence.


“I hope my dear Rani , all your queries received the required resolution ?now will you be kind enough to bring a bucket full of hot water and few pieces of cotton so that I can dress sir’s wound!!!


“Sir, I will request you to please do co-operate with us by moving your body (washed in blood) to that chair inside the room” exclaimed madam.


Keeping the bottle as-side the stranger slowly rather very slowly ordered his leg via brain to do the needful but alas the command went in vain. He tried for the second time but result the same.


“Sir, hold my hand please”!


‘I cannot’ explained the stranger…


“You will have to” roared madam looking straight into the eyes of the stranger.


1.30AM, the darkness still holding the upper edge, in this part of the civilized sector, still the blessing of the state electricity board as only five minutes left to complete four hours of power failure. Still the movement of the leaves, and the trees, the insects and other non-mammalian individuals is on the slowest side, still the volume of the street dog’s is on the negative side. But in spite of all this limitations the most important thing is that the darkness of Rani’s mind and heart regarding the identity of the wounded stranger is losing its concentration and determination, the comfort zone is slowly gaining momentum, but then suddenly….


‘Rani, I would like to request you please give the required order to your legs which will help your body to migrate to your room, since its almost 1.45AM, and to me your dream of receiving the electricity in this dark, destructive night will not true, so please!’ Roared madam.


Rani understood that she had extended limitation and it’s better to migrate than to be migrated. So, the only word that Rani spoke was ‘Yes madam’.


“God knows when will the power come”? Enquired madam to her-self as she placed the third new candle replacing the old second one whose validity is getting extended but not the capacity.


“Why don’t you move yourself to your room madam?”You too need some rest?” the stranger enquired, whose movement was restricted few hours earlier first by the car that received the accident and second by the pain and most importantly the third one by the bandages starting first from head, then moving down to the left leg via left hand and the back.


“Please do forgive me of disturbing you people on this terrifying night. Actually from the street I can only view the faint light coming from the window which is just above my head. Trust me on that particular time I can only feel the pain of my body.”


“Yes you will be forgiven if you allow the medicine to complete their activity, by giving your lips some rest; else all of our services will go in vain. So please try to close your eyes as soon as possible”


Taking away the candle she went to her room by saying ‘so, hope you have understood that your goodnight is what expected!!’By closing the door of the room.


Keeping the candle on the side of the table madam opened her daily dairy, where she wrote a small letter to her god.


Dear God,


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to save the life of this stranger by nursing his wounds, trust me initially when the wooden door moved, I was scared but when I saw your face in the calendar all the fear of mine got evaporated. More-over god I lost my husband and children two years earlier, in a similar car accident and on that darken night I found no open door, as it was in the middle of the jungle. I screamed for help by sitting in between the two cold stiff bodies , I did everything I knew to save them, ran madly in the middle of the jungle to find someone at least to find a bottle of water but alas!!! I can only find the dry leaves, the blowing wind and few crying jackal.


“Me Mrs. Shreya Sen wife of late forests Officer Mr. Anindo Sen again pray to you dear god please do not make people so helpless…And finally dear god please try to give rather you will have to give me the original copy of the book called “THE AUTOGRAPH”. It’s a request and a demand.


“Madam, madam! Open the door it’s almost 6oclock!! A hot cup of tea with newspaper is ready in the drawing room” shouted Rani.


“My Goodness, I am late by an hour! Uttered madam moving quickly from the table where she felt as-sleep last night while writing the daily dairy.


‘Rani, Rani, Rani!!’ She shouted by taking the news paper, may be for many more times but Rani’s ear received the sound thrice only.


“What happened madam?” asked Rani?


Taking the newspaper in her left hand, and the hot cup of tea in the right Rani started reading the paper, which says…..


“The writer of the famous book ‘THE AUTOGRAPH’ died in a car accident last night at 10.30pm for more details please refer to 4th page..”


The article published along with his picture.


Standing, just outside the guest room with a cup of tea, Rani turned her head found the original copy of the book lying on the table, signed by the writer.


“Then who’s there inside the room?”


“The person or the Phantom?” whispered Rani…..













































































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