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It's not unusual for a man to go missing in Gotham City, but when a corpse is found mutilated in Sprang River, Batman uncovers a pattern with truly sinister implications...

A 26 page "one-shot" of Fan Fiction, written as a comic book script with Page and Panel counts.

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Submitted: February 19, 2015

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Submitted: February 19, 2015





By Christopher Goody





It’s another COLD AND RAINY NIGHT in Gotham City. We are somewhere in OLD GOTHAM, a dilapidated portion of the city where men spend their last dime satisfying a vice. Outside the rear entrance of an UNKNOWN BAR, somebody has just worn out their welcome…


(FROM INSIDE THE BAR): “Hey, pal, didn’t you hear what I said? It’s closing time!”  



The bar door has swung open and a MAN IS PUSHED outside into the rain. He’s clearly drunk, dressed in rags; it appears he’s HOMELESS.


BARTENDER: Beat it you filthy drunk!


HOMELESS MAN: Bu-- But I ain’t got nowheres to go…


BARTENDER (FADING): Good fer nothin’ son of a mphm mhph…



The homeless man lifts his hoodless jacket above his head to cover from the downpour. He’s searching for SHELTER. All the while, an ANONYMOUS FIGURE watches him from the SHADOWS ACROSS THE STREET.



The homeless man has UNKNOWINGLY STUMBLED his way closer to the STRANGER. A VOICE now calls to him from the darkness. The homeless man pokes his head out from the jacket to get a better look.


STRANGER (OFF-PANEL): You poor soul… This world has forgotten all about you.


HOMELESS MAN: Wh-- What? Who’s there?



The stranger from the shadows has PARTIALLY revealed himself. We see a dark outfit; a man with a BLACK HOOD that shields his face. There is a GARLAND OF JEWELRY dangling from his wrists and between his fingers; they appear to be PRAYER BEADS.


STRANGER: I am just a man offering refuge. I know of a place that will take you in. Get you out of the cold.


HOMELESS MAN: You do? But…Why would you help me?


STRANGER: Because I know how cruel life can be to men like us. I know what it feels like to have the Lord abandon you– turn his back on you –while you freeze in the street.



The homeless man, drunken and desperate, slouches his shoulders.


HOMELESS MAN: It’s… it’s just so cold out here…


STRANGER: Yes. Yes it is.


STRANGER: Follow me, my friend.



The homeless man now follows into the darkness, down an empty street, behind the footsteps of a man he doesn’t know.


STRANGER: Tonight, your suffering ends.





We cut away to a close-up of DETECTIVE HARVEY BULLOCK lighting a CIGAR WITH A MATCH.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: Show me what we’re looking at Deputy.



Establishing shot – Three weeks have passed since the night in the alley. We are now at the bank of the SPRANG RIVER, an outland just south of Old Gotham. This is a RUSTIC AREA, where thickets of shrubs, bushes and small trees HEDGE OFF THE BUSY CITY nearby. We can see a bridge in the background, along with high-rise buildings. It’s SUNDOWN, right before dark.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK and the DEPUTY walk towards a BLUE TARP lying along the riverside. A CORPSE has recently been discovered. The FORENSICS CREW is already at the scene, along with a dark vehicle to transport the body. Bullock is running the show tonight. NO GORDON.


CAPTION: Sprang River. Three weeks later…


DEPUTY: Right over here, sir.



As he puffs on his cigar, BULLOCK KNEELS DOWN TO LIFT THE TARP and gets a good look at the victim. ONLY HE SEES IT. And whatever it is, judging on Bullock’s expression, it ain’t good.  




DEPUTY (OFF-PANEL): Yeah. The hikers who called it in were pretty shaken up.





Detective Bullock has gotten up to his feet. He still looks disturbed.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: What do we know?


DEPUTY: We’re still canvassing the area sir, but so far there are no witnesses.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: Well what do ya expect? Nothin’ around here but an abandoned church and some winos.



A medium shot of the DEPUTY as Detective Bullock speaks to him. Something OFF-PANEL seems to be INTIMIDATING the hell out of him.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: Let forensics finish their jobs. Then we’ll get this guy down to the pathologist and see if we can’t find somebody who can ID the poor sap.  


DEPUTY: Um… Detective…





Bullock LOOKS OVER HIS SHOULDER to see none other than our hero, THE DARK KNIGHT, waiting patiently within the shadows of the brushwood nearby.


DEPUTY: Looks like you got company.




DETECTIVE BULLOCK: Uh… alright, people! Take a hike will ya. Five minutes.



The crew has gone up the trail and BATMAN has walked out from the brushwood. It’s now just he and Detective Bullock by the RIVERBANK.


BETECTIVE BULLOCK: What are you doin’ here, Bats? Don’t you got better things to do? I mean, ain’t this a little too mundane for you?


BATMAN: That’s what I’m here to find out.



Small panel – Batman kneels to get a glimpse of the body. He has his hand on the tarp ready to reveal what’s underneath…


DETECTIVE BULLOCK (OFF-PANEL): Yeah, well, after seein’ this, I’ll bet you wish you’d stayed home.





Big Panel – Batman LIFTS THE TARP and we finally see what lies beneath. It’s the poor and desperate HOMELESS MAN from the bar. He’s shirtless and his skin is pale. There’s no doubt he died a very cold and lonely death. Most disturbing of all, there is a DEMONIC SYMBOL CARVED INTO HIS CHEST, the shape of which is a CIRCLE WITH A STAR inside of it.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: So what do ya think? Some whacko occult killing?


BATMAN: Judging by the laceration, it would appear so.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: What’s it mean?


BATMAN: It’s a variation of the Inverted Pentagram. A mark of the Devil.



A shot of Bullock – He’s tired of looking at it; he turns away to face the river as he smokes.


BATMAN (OFF-PANEL): It also means this isn’t his first, nor is it the last.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: What makes you say that?



A high-tech MEDICAL INSTRUMENT is protruding from the GAUNTLET on Batman’s forearm. He pokes the needle into the homeless man’s EXPOSED WOUND.


BATMAN: In the last month, nearly a dozen men have disappeared within a 10 mile radius of this location. I came here to see for myself what we’re dealing with.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: So what, you think there’s a connection?


BATMAN: Not sure… But if there is, you’ll be the first to know.



Batman is up to his feet and he now secures the BLOOD SAMPLE into a cartridge on his UTILITY BELT.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: Sure, cause I can use all the help you can give me, right?



Bullock looks back-- but BATMAN IS GONE!









We are now in the BATCAVE. BRUCE/BATMAN sits by his quantum SUPERCOMPUTER with his COWL pulled behind his head. The monitor is displaying Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) EVIDENCE FILES. From our vantage point the faces are indistinguishable, but each file reads MISSING PERSON with a case number attached.


ALFRED has just entered the cave with a tray of cups and a tea kettle.


ALFRED: Calling it an early night, Master Bruce?


BATMAN: Just checking in Alfred. Don’t get used to it.


ALFRED: Well it’s so nice of you to drop by.


ALFRED: New leads on the missing men from Old Gotham, I presume?



A medium shot of BRUCE/BATMAN TYPING into the keyboard.


BATMAN: Yes. The victim from the river, he’s connected somehow.


ALFRED: What makes you so certain?


BATMAN: Analysis of the man’s blood showed that he had a high level of ethanol in is his body at the time of death.



ALFRED pours Bruce some hot tea.


ALFRED: He was intoxicated?


BATMAN (OFF-PANEL): Heavily. In fact I believe he was an alcoholic


ALFRED: I beg your pardon Master Bruce, but that’s a common disease for men in this city. What’s this have to do with the disappearances downtown?



Bruce has gotten up from the supercomputer. He pulls the COWL back over his head as he WALKS PAST ALFRED.


BATMAN: Take a look for yourself. I’ve gathered the police reports on the missing men from Old Gotham and ran a search for any bars within a close proximity of their last known sightings.



A close up of ALFRED LOOKING at the monitor. BATMAN can be seen heading for the BATMOBILE in the background.


BATMAN: One establishment came up time and time again.


ALFRED: Hell’s Tavern… Very good, sir…



Batman has just jumped into the hood of the BATMOBILE. Alfred is talking to him from afar.


ALFRED: Since you’re obviously too busy for tea, is there anything else you’d like for me to do? 


BATMAN: Yes, Alfred. Upload the coordinates and stay on the com-link…





Establishing shot – We are once again outside the rear entrance of a seedy bar in OLD GOTHAM. Along the side of the pub, there’s a BROKEN NEON SIGN shining a dull red light. It reads: HELL’S TAVERN.


A BIG AND TALL MAN wearing dark clothing has just exited the bar into the ALLEYWAY. This man is the OWNER/OPERATOR of Hell’s Tavern. He’s carrying two big trash bags towards the GARBARGE BIN out back.


BATMAN (VOICE OVER): “My night is just getting started.”



The BAR OWNER goes to lift the large metal trash lid when, suddenly…



BATMAN CRASHES DOWN on the garbage cover! The Bar Owner goes flying back onto the concrete, startled.


BAR OWNER: What the devil?!



From the BAR OWNER’s POV on the cement – We see BATMAN cloaked in shadows, perched up on the dented garbage lid. His iconic white eyes are piercing right at us. 


BATMAN: Bud Polanski, owner-operator of Hell’s Tavern.


POLANSKI: Yeah… That’s me… Wh-- What are you doing here?


BATMAN: There’s reason to believe a number of people have gone missing from your bar. I need to know why.  


POLANSKI: Missing? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.



A close up on BATMAN. He’s not messing around.


BATMAN: I’ve got a corpse in Gotham River and a dozen men, each abducted within a month’s time, yet to be found.


BATMAN: My guess is they were regulars.





POLANSKI is now up to his feet, dusting himself off. He doesn’t look afraid anymore, instead it’s anger we see.  


POLANSKI: What!? Look, I already told you, I don’t know anything! Lots of guys go missing around here. I can’t keep track of every loser that walks through my doors.


BATMAN: Mr. Polanski, if you’re keeping something from me, I will find out.


POLANSKI: What did you say to me, freak? I’m a legitimate business owner! And you’re trespassing on private property!



Polanski marches back towards the bar door, just around a tight corner.


POLANSKI: Now get the hell out of here before I call the police!



Unsatisfied with these turn of events, Batman retrieves his GRAPPLING-GUN and points it to the tall buildings above, but something stops him dead in his tracks…


A VOICE (OFF-PANEL): No… Wait. Don’t go…



Still in the alley and not too far away, there is a MAN LYING IN THE STREET, covered in blankets to keep warm.


MAN IN THE STREET: …The Devil. That’s who you’re after…



Batman OPENS HIS CAPE and glides down to the man in the street.


BATMAN: Who are you? How do you know who I’m after?


MAN IN THE STREET: I’m Lester… He’s the one who’s taken all my friends…





A medium shot of LESTER, another lost soul in Gotham, paranoid and restless. Batman’s shadow BLANKETS HIM IN DARKNESS…


BATMAN (OFF-PANEL): What’s happened to your friends?


LESTER: They’re with him… Satan! The Devil!


BATMAN (OFF-PANEL): Give me a name.



A close-up of LESTER, considering his words…




LESTER: Shay… He’s gone now, but Daniel Shay was the first to go…


LESTER: He was a pastor in these parts… a good man.



BATMAN retrieves a GLOWING ORANGE CAPSULE from his utility belt, similar in design to a glow stick…


BATMAN: Here-- keep this close. It’ll keep you warm.  



The homeless man holds the capsule in his hands, amazed, and grateful.


LESTER: God bless.



BATMAN LEAVES THE ALLEY, gliding through the air on a grappling line. But down here at GROUND LEVEL, we can see that the bar owner, BUD POLANSKI, has been listening very closely from around the corner…





As Batman soars through the dynamic city skyline he patches in to the COM-LINK…


BATMAN: Alfred…


ALFRED (COM-LINK): Yes, sir?


BATMAN: If you’re not too busy, I have a lookup for you…





Cut away to an establishing shot of the eerie exterior of GOTHAM PSYCHIACTRIC HOSPITAL. From inside the building a VOICE can be heard…  


(INSIDE HOSPITAL): We are not alone… Our angel of darkness has come to visit…



We are INSIDE the hospital now – A PATIENT WANDERS THE HALLS in his nightgown and slippers, pacing back and forth. An ORDERLY has just spotted him…


ORDERLY: Mr. Bailey, its 10 o’clock, you know you can’t be wondering the halls this late.


MR. BAILEY: We are not alone… Don’t you see? Our guardian angel has emerged!


ORDERLY: No, sir. We’ve gone over this before. You have to stay in your room.



The ORDERLY has directed Mr. Bailey back to his room. As he LOCKS THE DOOR, the orderly speaks to him through the small glass window.


ORDERLY: And try not to worry so much Mr. Bailey, there’s no one here but--





The ORDERLY HAS SPUN AROUND. The dark guardian himself, BATMAN, is there with them after all! We can see Mr. Bailey peeking through the glass, delighted, with a big smile on his face.


ORDERLY: Batman! Holy-- You scared the hell out of me. You know one of these days I’m gonna lose my job cause of you.


BATMAN: Hello, Oliver. Nice to see you again…


BATMAN: I need your help. There’s someone I’d like to speak to…





Cut away to: Batman and Oliver in a SMALL FILING ROOM. Oliver has located a FOLDER from the filing cabinets and now reads through the contents.


OLIVER: She was involuntarily admitted about a year ago by some people at her church. Doctors found that she was a danger to herself and to others. She’s been here ever since.


BATMAN: Any visitors?




OLIVER: What’s this all about?



Oliver now leads Batman down a corridor of PATIENT QUARTERS.


BATMAN: According to public records she was married to a pastor from the church you mentioned. He went missing, and shortly after she was institutionalized. I need to know what happened to him.


OLIVER: You know about her daughter, then?



They are now standing beside a particular room. Oliver hesitates to open the door.


BATMAN: Abduction… I’m aware Oliver.


OLIVER: This poor woman… There’s only so much a person can stand to lose…



From INSIDE the dimly lit room, we see OLIVER standing quietly in the doorframe. He speaks softly to a FRAIL WOMAN who is partially off-panel.


OLIVER: Virginia? Are you awake? We have a visitor here to see you.


VIRGINIA (OFF-PANEL): I want to be left alone!


OLIVER (TO BATMAN): She’s all yours…



Batman ENTERS THE ROOM ALONE and sees the WOMAN SITTING UP on the edge of her bed, hunched over and reading a BIBLE. Unkempt hair COVERS HER FACE. 


BATMAN: Don’t worry. I’m here to help.







Virginia turns her head towards Batman, revealing her face. There’s a CROSS around her neck. She looks like a woman who has shed many tears in her lifetime.


VIRGINIA: Mr. Bailey was wrong… You don’t look like an angel to me…



A close-up of BATMAN, looking not so angelic…


BATMAN: I’m not. I’m here to find out what happened to Daniel Shay.



Back to Virginia, rubbing her fingers across the cover of the Bible.


VIRGINIA: Daniel? …He’s gone. Just like my baby… They're never coming back…


BATMAN (OFF-PANEL): When was the last time you saw your husband alive, Virginia?



Virginia turns to Batman, angry and hurt…


VIRGINIA: Why do you torture me with this? Can’t you see that I’m not well!


BATMAN: I’m sorry. I truly am. But there’s a killer loose in the city… And I believe you can help me bring him in.


BATMAN: Please Virginia, what happened to your husband?



Virginia DROPS HER HEAD to her hands, tormented, pulling on her hair…


VIRGINIA: (sigh…) It all started when we lost my baby girl. My precious Abby


VIRGINIA: Daniel worked for the church then, organizing outreach programs for the homeless. One day he brought Abby with him to work and… and--


VIRGINIA: Oh God! It hurts! It hurts so much



Batman places a hand on her trembling shoulders, doing his best to console her. Virginia holds on tightly to a CROSS around her neck, staring into it hopelessly as tears gather in her eyes.


BATMAN: It’s okay, Virginia. Just tell me what happened next.


VIRGINIA: He blamed himself for what happened… And as he drank I began to see that he too was slipping away. Not only from me, but from God as well…

VIRGINIA: Eventually, he said that he had found a new religion. Said there were people just like us who had been spurned by God… That there was a man that could wash away our sins and make us pure again…



A close-up of VIRGINIA as she stares up at Batman. There is HORROR in her eyes.


VIRGINIA: But I knew the truth





We cut away to: the HELL’S TAVERN ALLEY. The homeless man, LESTER, crouches over the orange heat capsule that Batman gave to him.


In the near distance, the STRANGER IS BACK, and he watches with a grudge. There is a busted METAL PIPE lying near his feet on the concrete.


VIRGINIA (VOICE-OVER): It was evil. He was evil…


BATMAN (VOICE-OVER): Virginia, I need to know. Is there anything you can tell me about this man? 



LESTER looks up an approaching figure…


VIRGINIA (VOICE-OVER): Yes. The only thing I know…




STRANGER (OFF-PANEL): After all I’ve done for you…



With his back to us, the STRANGER now has the busted METAL PIPE IN HIS HANDS, gazing down at the homeless man. As before, he has PRAYER BEADS wrapped around his WRIST.


VIRGINIA: His name, my husband said it the night he disappeared…


STRANGER: This is how you repay me?


LESTER: No! I-- I was only trying to help! I didn’t know--



We are looking at the BRICK WALL behind Lester. We see the shadowed SILHOUETTES of the STRANGER BASHING THE PIPE AGAINST LESTER’S HEAD. Blood spurts out onto the wall.




VIRGINIA (VOICE-OVER): He’s the one that brought the devil into my life.



The BLOOD STAINDED PIPE is now lying on the street. In the distance we see the STRANGER walking with the HOMELESS MAN propped lifelessly on his shoulder, dragging him off into the foggy night…


BATMAN (VOICE OVER): I can tell you this, Virginia. This man is no devil. He’s just a coward who’s running out of time…



Back to GOTHAM PSYCHIATRIC – Oliver continues to stand patiently in the hallway. As BATMAN exits Virginia’s room, he pauses by the door to tell her this:

BATMAN: Get well, Virginia. And thank you.


VIRGINIA: No. Don’t thank me…


VIRGINIA: I’ve given you nothing more than a curse...





Cut away to: the OUTSIDE of an APARTMENT COMPLEX. We see BUD POLANSKI making his way into the building. In the extreme foreground we can see a small electronic BAT-SHAPED TRACKER attached to the rear BUMPER OF HIS TRUCK… 



Small panel – From inside a dark room, we see a hand just about to FLICK ON A LIGHTSWITCH.



Big panel – With the room now LIT, we see that we are INSIDE POLANSKI’S APARTMENT. He’s standing in the doorway. But his home is NOT like we’d imagine for a practiced SATANIST. There are no disturbing paintings, statues, scriptures, or rugs—nothing at all is paying reverence to the devil. It’s ORDINARY.


SFX: clik



Polanski has taken off his BLACK COAT and thrown it on the kitchen counter. In the background, Polanski is opening the FRIDGE. Our first sign of his faith appears…There is a huge SATANIC TATTOO on his back, creeping out from underneath his tank top.



Over Polanski’s shoulder – As he reaches for a BEER in the fridge there is a terrifying REFLECTION OF A BAT ON THE BOTTLE, creeping up from behind him…



Extreme close-up of the TERROR in POLANSKI’S EYES.







Bud Polanski hurls around and takes a SWING AT BATMAN with the BEER BOTTLE! As Batman ducks under the attack, the bottle SHATTERS against the kitchen counter.


BUD POLANSKI: How the hell did you find me!



With the razor-sharp broken bottle, Polanski takes another swipe at Batman. But this time, the Dark Knight CATCHES HIS WRIST…


BATMAN: I tagged your car before you left the tavern…



BATMAN CRACKS Polanski in the NOSE and he goes flying back onto the beams INSIDE THE RIFRIGERATROR.


BATMAN: Knew you had something to hide…





Polanski is now lying with his ass INSIDE THE FRIDGE, leftover food has spilled on his head, and blood pours from his broken nose. BATMAN slants over him with a hand around POLANSKI’S THROAT…


BATMAN: Your pathetic life is over. Where you’re going, there’s no coming back…


POLANSKI: No! Wait… just take a look around, will you? See any dead bodies around here?




A close-up of POLANSKI, blood leaks from his nose and stains his teeth red. We can see an ANGRY BATMAN in the PUPILS OF HIS EYES.


POLANSKI: That’s cause you… You’re chasing a ghost


BATMAN (OFF-PANEL): No more lies! I’ve talked to Shay’s wife. I know you killed him!

POLANSKI: No… He did that all on his own…





Batman grabs Polanski and smashes him halfway through the WINDOW in the adjacent living room. Threatening to drop him to the street below…


BATMAN: Enough! You better start making sense… Now!


POLANSKI: AAGH! NO! I-- I only showed him the way… I didn’t know… I swear, I didn’t know what he’d become!



A close-up of the TWO MEN from OUTSIDE THE APARTMENT WINDOW, we see just how far down the FALL would be…

BATMAN: What are you saying?


POLANSKI: He-- He’d been coming to my bar for months… Getting drunk-- talking blasphemes about the lord…



The next few panels will be a SILENT FLASHBACK – In this frame, we see DANIEL SHAY sitting at the bar with a bottle of whiskey close by. POLANSKI has slid a black and white PAMPHLET right in front of him. There is an UPSIDE DOWN CROSS on the cover page.


POLANSKI: One night, I gave him a booklet I’d made for my cabal… based on the philosophy of Satanism


POLANSKI: As highest ranking bishop in the Church of Satan, I was always looking for new members… That night, I knew I’d found one…


POLANSKI: But Shay… He would take things further than I’d ever imagine…



We see VIRGINIA SHAY in her HOME, watching out of the WINDOW as Daniel speaks with Polanski in the yard. They’re standing outside of Polanski’s truck.


POLANSKI: I picked him up one night to go to a gathering, but he said he wanted to drive instead… Said he had something to show me…



We see a HALF-NAKED MAN pinned to an ALTAR. His skin has been carved. Blood is everywhere. Polanski is vomiting…


POLANSKI: He took me to an abandoned church, and what he had done…


POLANSKI: --I was through after that. I never wanted to see him again…


POLANSKI: I-- I knew I had created a monster…





END OF FLASHBACK – BATMAN’s heard enough; he throws Polanski to the living room floor in disgust…


BATMAN: You’re the monster, Polanski!



Polanski retreats in fear as Batman stalks him across the apartment floor.


BATMAN: By preying on a broken man’s soul, you’ve created something you couldn’t possibly understand! These deaths— the men from Old Gotham —their blood’s on your hands just as well…


POLANSKI: What are you going to do with me?



A medium shot of THE DARK KNIGHT near the window; he has one foot in the apartment and one on the LEDGE of the broken window frame.


BATMAN: Me? Nothing. But one day you will have to answer for your sins.


BATMAN: If I were you…



From outside Polanski’s apartment, we see Batman JUMPING OUT INTO THE NIGHT, cape fully expanded.


BATMAN: “I’d pray for forgiveness…”



We cut away to: ALFRED IN THE BATCAVE. Until now he’d been waiting on standby, near the Supercomputer, reading a book about Shakespeare. But Batman has just interrupted his leisure time…


BATMAN (COM-LINK): Alfred, do you copy?


ALFRED: Ah, there you are Master Bruce. And here I thought you’d never call.


BATMAN (COM-LINK): Actually, there’s someone I’d like you to contact for me…



Back to Batman – From inside the driver’s seat of the BATMOBILE.


ALFRED (COM-LINK): I’m all ears, sir.


BATMAN: Get a hold of Detective Bullock. He’ll want to know where I’m headed.


ALFRED (COM-LINK): And where exactly is that, sir?





Cut away to: Detective HARVEY BULLOCK sits alone at a bar with a pile of paperwork in front of him and a beer in his hand. His old-school FLIP PHONE is sitting on the bar slab, VIBRATING. As per usual, he looks irritated about it.


BATMAN (VOICE-OVER): “Back to where it all began…”


SFX: bzzzz bzzzz



Although he’d rather enjoy his beer, Bullock answers the phone…


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: This better be good, Rodriguez. My shift just ended…



It’s good alright… Bullock has gotten OUT OF HIS SEAT and throws his coat on with an urgent expression.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: What? Anonymous tip? You gotta be kiddin’ me…


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: …The Bat was right.



Bullock is now hurrying through the parking lot, coming up to his CAR.


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: Send as many units as we can spare and have them meet me at Sprang River, I’m on my way…





Bullock PEELS OUT, burning rubber down an empty road…


DETECTIVE BULLOCK: “…Tell them to put a move on it!”




© Copyright 2019 Christopher Goody. All rights reserved.

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