Allusions II

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Part two of an allusive ode to literature and its effect on our culture.

Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016



Nocturnal eyes rest their vision to stare

Into the bowels of objective blackness.

Lizard green of a famished raptor's glare,

Perched like a verb preparing the stillness

To break away from the restrictive cares

That control the flare, the flow, the distance...

That to seek to acquire the divine

Right to speak and rant in Homeric chimes,

In time, he'll fly into his existence.

Wise correlation expounds the Fascist.

A bird that is free, or self-reliant?

Take flight, as you are made to defy it.

Hear the quiet... No need for insistence.

No matter the pain, yours have bore witness:

Seen the values in crimes that protest this

Demand that our view stand to reject it...

Makes no sense to ban sounds that affect it.

So frostbitten is its Pattern's prowess.

London's the spouse...New England's the mistress;

Dichotomized vows merge where the verse splits.

Dressed in tradition, disguising the truth;

Dig through volumes descriptive of much proof:

Couth Conformity will maim resistance.

But, no matter, understood is all this;

Despite the demands, words find their banter.

Wine from a box, or from a decanter:

Intoxication; Blithe; Belligerence.

Truth, either way, discovers transcendence,

For wisdom nurtured to see and repair:

The visor to glare...Lighter of darkness.

Will prepares strength for the world you must fare,

As you are not alone in this business.

Amongst all of the many, are you there?

Not just yet, as it takes some persistence.

© Copyright 2019 Harry Chl. All rights reserved.

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