Experience is Understanding

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Aphorism on Experience.

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



Say two friends go to a party together, but only one of the two does up some coke that each of them was offered by a fellow party member. Now, after a few minutes, the friend that did the line traditions of manner begin to deform. The other friend, the sober friend, is aware that his friend, now speaking super fast and loquaciously, is not wearing his usual character, and he knows why his friend is acting differently, because he witnessed him sniff the line. But even with all this knowledge, the fact that he himself never did cocaine, that night or ever, will produce nothing in terms of understanding, but will merely furrow his brow. Although his friend is being annoying because of the corruption of his nature, he is also aware that he has no ability to snap his friend out of it, as he contains no empirical knowledge of how to. The same goes for history, because study of it from an outside perspective can only recognize to a certain degree, for no matter how much one might personally know about history ... no matter how many historians discern parallels between past and present ... no matter how distinctly generic is the understanding that history repeats itself, we have not yet ourselves experienced the falls of any empire, even though it is clearly understood that America is acting apart from its "usual" character.

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