Heads or Tails

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Aphorism on how both Democrats and Republicans are the same.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



It is rather noticeable that the government is inept in fixing anything, so I store no faith in its affairs. I give no party the nod of my approval and simply do not really believe anything the government does is for the benefit of the people. The two major parties that make up the US government are the republicans and the democrats. One party, the republican party, is aggressive and mean-spirited. The democrats are generally seen as being the nice guys that are looking to shelter the people from the bullies that make up the GOP. But party membership is really just a tactical measure that politicians practice, like one commonly used by law enforcement interrogators: Good Cop...Bad Cop. The common people, symbolically, are the perpetrators, and for copious reasons. The bad cop, when quizzing a perp, is the republican: loud, visibly angry, mean and makes no attempt to hide the fact that he has neither sympathy nor compassion of any kind for anybody. He makes it clear that he deems said perp to be wholly responsible for the issue at hand. After enduring the abuse of the bad cop for some span of time, a newer and friendly voice elects itself to speak. It is the voice of the good cop, chiming in just as the perp has been backed into a corner by the bad cop. Once in control of the interrogation, the good cop, like a liberal, offers the perp something to drink, perhaps a cigarette, a snack, etc.... Then he turns off the bright, oppressive light and speaks calmly and humanely to the detainee, who is rattled enough to agree to the coercion of the good cop after being manipulated by him for a while and confesses -- guilty or not. The good cop serves the same institution (the judicial system) that the bad cop does. Both parties wanted the same thing from the perp in the end, their methods of getting it are all that differ.

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