What's Cooking in the Back of the House?

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Aphorism on what go on behind the scenes.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



It is fair to assume that only a portion of any gimmick's vows are there to be wholly attended to. It is a truth that most people on average do not ponder the context of an even exchange. To wit -- it is unlikely that those who often eat at restaurants are not inclined to give much thought concerning the sojourn of any given plate they have delivered to them. Many times, most often during a high volume rush, an essential component of an entree will slip from the grip of its handler and land on the floor, but the person who is serving the table with the party, who is waiting for the now tainted, corrupted food, has been incessantly and aggressively questioning the cooks about the whereabouts of the meal for 20 minutes. Such instances cause a bad relationship to develop between the server and the served, as quick and pleasant service are what will most help to ensure that a greater tip will be left. The diner is likely to feel that the waiting time was too long and leave a grouchy sum on the table in retort to having been made to do so. But due to the high-pressured circumstances, the food is sometimes picked up and mounted onto the plate. Then, the very person who was made to wait a long period of time for the meal's arrival, and who is also paying for it, is to be insidiously fed much of what nobody would consciously prefer to consume. The promises branded by a restaurant are expected by those who dine at it, yet the corporate managers would always rather put profit above anything else, and urge employees to keep the customers' interest at hand, no matter what it takes to make it appear the gimmick has boasted the truth.

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