Super Gran

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My nan died of cancer a while back and i wrote this for her and read this at her bedside before she died.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




Coming near to the end, there was nothing I could do.

I sat up all night sleepless Nan, thinking just of you.


Maura Wilson was her name, known everywhere shed go.

But my Nan had a secret that none of you would know.


I know you made me promise that I would never tell.

But seeing as weve all turned out, I guess I might as well


So listen as I tell you, not one word of this a lie

You think your Nan was super well my old Nan could fly!


When I had my first daughter, all thoes years ago in the Coomb

My Nan she just appeared beside me, like Jesus in the womb


I asked her how she got there and her not one to fuss,

She said that it was nothing sure she just hopped on the bus.


I could hear it on the window now and pouring down the drain,

You wont be getting the bus home Nan, I think that sounds like rain


She told me not to worry she said that she was sound

But I still asked one of the lads to pull the car around


There was one gigantic puddle between us and the car

I thought she wont try jumping that no way its just too far


Well she took 3 steps and off she went and next thing that I knew

My little old Nan, my super Gran, I swear to God she flew


She took off like a rocket and gently she touched down

And turned and with a wink she said I told you son, Im sound!


When I think back on your life now Nan, and all the things youve seen

From no TV, to black and white, to colour, now HD


And she had done her share of travel, both at home and oversea

And once while in the states I heard she drank transparent tea


She only learned to swim at the age of 65

Sure theres more fun in the swimming pool than working 9 to 5


And at nearly pushing 80, when most are all but done

She entered the mini marathon and walked it just for fun


Oh yes she loved a party and she loved to sing along

And with her little pennies she would sing the penny song


Maura she could knit and bowl, in fact she did the lot

And on Stephenss day, at poker time, my Nan would bet the pot!


But Im jealous now of Jesus, and I dont think this one bit odd

Not cause he can walk on water or cause hes the Son of God


But because he gets to see you now and talk and hold your hand

But I know hell keep you company so I know that youll be grand


To say that we will miss you is understatement of the year

What I would give, we all would give, just to have you here


I hope that we will meet again. Im sure some day well see.

They call her Maura Wilson, but shes Super Gran to me!

By: Chris Geoghegan

© Copyright 2017 Christopher James. All rights reserved.

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