Wish you all over again

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Just how i feel, i think.

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013



To see a thing unfinished is not a pleasing sight,

To touch and get to hold it although its not quit right,

To feel it on your fingers and smell it in the air,

such a thing of beauty wrecked beyond compare.


To never get to telling, about how you really feel,

To always fighting, hurting, cos thats what makes this real.

For standing up for what is right, and sticking out your chest,

for making tough decisions cos you know what;s best.


A flicker of yourself is now  that all remains,

A tired worn out body, sick of all the games,

You revel in your past, relive all your former glory,

No master of the arts here to finish out this story.


I have lived and i have seen,all the things i dare to dream,

All the times past and present, stood upon a half moon crescent,

Gave my hart once or twice, risked it all on the throw of a dice,

Stood my ground when it mattered and took to my heals to avoid getting battered.


But all of this .........  this unuttered chatter...... unless i say what i mean then none of it matters,


So here in the room i know its only you,that has taken my soul once again,

you came out of no where, blew in from the thin air and i'd wish you all over again.


By: Chris Geoghegan





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