People die every day. Some we know, and some we don't. No reason why, most of the time. Few are those who live to see old age. Sad is the story of those who die who have done no wrong. Pure of heart, and full of life and love, cut off in their prime. This is a topic that was given to me the other week. I keep finding myself with a need to write, but I can't think up any topics to write about. I know what I want to write about, but without a good strong thread to hold it together, it falls apart beneath my fingers. I wanted to write about love before I was given this topic, I wanted to make real the words in my head, to find a way to place them upon a page, so when I was given this topic, I was able to do so, with added stuff to fit the topic. A dying flower. So much can be said about such a thing. A flowers time is short, and it's beauty passed onto it's seeds. Some would say the beauty of a flower is lost when it withers and dies, but those people would be fools. The beauty lives on inside of us, those who witnessed it's passing, and hopefully makes us better people for having seen such a thing, though we take it for granted. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this. Well, enjoy is a bad word to use, because to enjoy would mean to find a happy ending in it, and maybe you will, but that is uncertain as of yet. I hope you see the beauty that lies in it. That sounds better. Find the beauty of the dying flower, passed onto it's seeds and those that witnessed it's passing. I like that analogy.

Remember when we were young?
So young, so carefree, so dumb
To think that this would last forever
What we have, had, captured
Friends for life we were, growing up
That blossomed into something more
Since we were babies, growing up
It seems like we were meant for each other
In elementary school, you were the only one
I played with at recess, and you played with me
So simple it seemed, and with good cause
We were just friends, best friends, caught up in history
In middle school we stuck together
Even when others whispered
Saying this and that against us
Even when I had no one else
You stuck by me
Hated by the world, and you
You were there to comfort me
To quench my fears
And then High School
We started seeing each other in a different light
Going to the dances after school
Homecomings and proms, Inseperable and not one fight
Could we have.
Growing up We were best of friends, then something more
Helping each other through problems, projects, and the fear
Of everything unknown, the start of a new year
And when you were accepted for college, I was not
You chose to stay with me, oh how your parents fought
So deeply in love, having grown up
Side by side, and now you lay here
On this table, surrounded by doctors
And they tell me you won't make it, and I fear
I fear for the loss of you, my crutch
But you left for me our son
Just two days old now
Leaving me with hope to go on to tomorrow
Even as you lay here dying
They say you won't make it past the hour
Tears crowding my distorted face, crying
Tears for you, my dying flower

Submitted: January 31, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Christopher M Brown. All rights reserved.

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Thu, February 1st, 2007 10:51pm


I thought it was wonderful. It was somewhat poignant. But a beautiful type of sad. Very narrative, but still interesting. I hope to see more of your work. I was reading your profile and it surprised me to read that you only wrote your first poem at age 17.

Mon, February 19th, 2007 8:48am

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