A little piece of poetry I wrote to sum up perhaps what the view is from the gay/homo/bisexual/lesbian side of things is. Many people criticize people for who they want to have sex with, and I believe I've come up with an answer and that is because society dictates us to do so. People make choices, well, who you are and are not attracted to is not a choice, it is something deeper that is a part of who you are. Whether or not you go through with that is the choice, and many people make the choice not to because society has told them that it is wrong to have sex with the same gender. Anyway, a short little poem, No sex in it or anything like that, just a bit of the fear and the uncertainty that comes with being attracted to the same sex. I hope you all enjoy it.

He stands in front of the tiny little Bar
On the corner of this forgotten street
A glance up at the sign, lit up neon orange
And it seems he hesitates, if but for a moment
Before heading inside
The bar is named the usual type for places such as these
Once inside, he looks around
Seeing myriad faces abound
All of them male, not a single woman
And he wonders if this is the right decision
Making up his mind, he wanders aimlessly
Towards the bar, to order a drink
White Russian, if you please
Tired of holding it all inside
Of doing what society prescribes
All one way and not the other
All of the stereotypes begin to smother
And he wonders again, if he made the right choice
Another drink and then a stranger
They talk for a bit, and decide to leave
Back to the strangers house, just for this eve
He says, I want you to know
That this is my first time, my first go
At anything like this, so take it slow
I've lived by stereotypes in a world
That is slow to understand us and why
We choose to live the way we do
Stranger says, that's ok, I've been there before
Many of us have who frequent that bar
But tell me one thing if you will
Why tonight, this night, you choose to kill
All the barriers you've set ahead of you
To accept that which you have tried to hide
And others would have you deny
I know why I did, years ago, but I'd like
To know why you, why now
And he replies that it just felt right
He had just turned 21 before, a few nights
Ago, and There it was as he was walking by
The little bar that he knew had to be
All that he read about them, in books he
Had read many nights in the past
And so the others could kiss his ass
Those that would have him change
He is who he is, he says
And that's what I will always be
Might as well embrace it freely
As the car pulls out from the lot
He looks back at that sign again
Hanging up in orange neon
Sputtering from disrepair
And he watches his old self disappear
On that horizon line as it passes
And he knows his life will be better
Having accepted this part denied by the masses
And he knows he will be back, to that gay bar

Submitted: January 20, 2007

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This was really wonderful, it gave me chills. You really grasped the feeling of the loss of innocence into something totally new and different, but still familiar.

Sat, January 20th, 2007 8:00pm


Thank you.

Mon, January 22nd, 2007 5:19pm


touching, i'll admit i can relate to this. and you're completely right; society does force us to be heterosexual, but a minority escape society and become themselves. a true masterpiece.

Mon, May 14th, 2007 5:21pm

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