Ascent (Dramatis Persona)

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Another of my poems about the World Beyond.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




Ascent (Dramatis Persona)


Looking on fearlessly

Draped in dignity

All is said and done

Truth is known.

Grim reality has cut and torn

To no avail

For I have held – and I live!


I raise my lashes, target is seen,

A bonfire beyond constellations.

And there waits the chariot

no other can see.

I board to ride and glimpse the memory...


… the memory.

One against a world.

Blood streaking grass and soil.

Amid suffering and horror, endless trials

Though weapon and armor and body broke

Heart was pure and always prevailed.


As destiny lay in palm.

Searches ending in disarray.

All solutions left more riddles.

Puzzles pieced to questions.


Through dismal gloom and acrid fumes

There always remained a pond's reflection.

Always there remained a sword – and a will.


All battles won

All said and done

Bonfire draws near.

Justice enforced by mine hand

Power and honor, sacred code

A bright star in the cosmos

Clasp of prowess, magical brilliance.

Arrival intact – bonfire is here!


A new seed is planted in the immortal world.

© Copyright 2018 Christopher McLairn. All rights reserved.

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