The 1 wages war on the 99

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A poem inspired by occupywallstreet as i am the 99 so i wrote about how i feel about the situation

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



The 1 Wages War On The 99

Those who are eating are waging a war on those in the Bread line

Bentley(s) and mansions on the hill
We grew dissatisfied, They gave us another Pill

The Back Bone of this country is gone
And they have the nerve to ask what exactly is wrong

Tea Baggers and Nut Jobbers
Muddling the political spectrum
As if yelling the loudest is what makes 1 right

Arguing for a side that couldn't give a dam
About them or their day to day plight

Perpetuating the crimes the 1 percent perpetrated

What would the 1 do if We were ever alleviated

Of the Noose
they've wrapped around our neck?

We Could Break Loose
If We Ever Really Had

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