Purple Rain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  No Houses

A man goes to take down the mafia and avenge his family.

The streets of Tokyo were shining from all the rain. The blue and red neon lights from all the different shops and stores gave the rain a purple tint. I was in the middle of all it it was late that night. I was there with my wrath ready for vengence. My black hair streaked with gray now wet with from the rain. My tan trench coat soaked but the two sub machine guns 3 grenades and 15 extra magazines were concealed underneath. The stuble on my face was wet. I was on that street for one reason I thought as I looked at the building with a sign that said Warui. I was known as Drake Masayoshi my father had raised me in Japan by himself. My mom was killed by Warui crime cyindicate for his disrespect to them ,he had told them to stop hitting on his wife. 

Instead of fighting them and avenging my mother he was a fucking coward. He fled to America. I should take it easy he was doing what was right for me. Sometimes I just can’t control my wrath. My dad had died last april of a heart  attack. The Warui cyndicate had tracked him to kill him in May but when they found out he died they killed my wife and daughter.  That was the last straw for the Warui. They had no idea who they were dealing with the residents of Tokyo know me as Wrath now beacause I had been cleaning the streets of their filth passing judgement upon them with furious anger. They were ready for me with assault rifles and lots of heavy artillery, I was about to infiltrate their base. In short those pricks were fucking with the wrong guy. I was in the middle of it in the middle of the purple rain.

I walked towards the building in that alleyway and took out my loaded sub machine guns. I rembered there had been nights like this a lot. Where I went to bust someone on a dark night and a street like this. The difference was a had a shiny brass badge then. I had lost the badge to my wrath.I had to stop thinking about back then. It was time to send those fuckers back to Hell. I got out some climbing rope and threw it on the handle of the second floor window. I held on tight to the rope as I scaled the wall. Then I finally got there it was a library with 50 gang men in it. I jumped through the window shattering it while firing off my smgs 50 of the gang members splashed blood form their chest as they fell to the floor dead and I heard the last of the shells drop on the floor

“Only 3 more floors to go,” I grunted. These assholes thought they could stop Wrath, Tokyo’s vigilante that’s fucking hilarious I laughed loudly to myself.

I heard one of the gang members from the floor above me yell in Japanese “Its Wrath he’s here!!!” I laughed again what dumbass alerts the enemy of their position. Three gang men ran down the stairs with their assault riffles firing rounds in the already bullet filled library. I ducked behind a desk. Paper was flying everywhere from the destroyed books. The desk was being destroyed by their assault riffles it wouldn’t last long. I chuck a grenade from under the desk and hear one of the gang men yell “Shit!!!” in Japanese as I hear a loud explosion and the assault riffles stop firing. I stand up and look to see that the stairs are now destroyed. There’s only one solid stair left. I charge at it and grab the Stair pulling myself up narrowly missing the huge gaping hole leading to the first floor.

I walk up the stairs with my sub machine guns reloaded. On the third floor there’s a bar with a bunch of tables. One of the gang men yells in Japanese

“There he is its wrath kill him!”

47 gang men start firing at me. One of the shots grazes me in the left shoulder. Blood squirts out of the hole in my trench coat. I throw another grenade and duck to the side. The grenade explodes and all of them fall to the ground dead. “Fuck!!!” I yell the pain in my shoulder pisses me off so much. I walk to bar reach over and grab a bottle of scotch I drink a few of the sips. I had lots of Nights like these in America where the pain of loss brought me to a bar it helped but I didn't erase the pain. I store the bottle of scotch in my trench coat. I’m ready for the next floor.

This time I have a better idea. I walk up to the elevator and press the button. The elevator arrives “Well no shit the elevator works, what dumbasses leave the elevator on when they’re expecting a fire fight,” I say to myself in a sarcastic tone. I glance at the sign that says in case of fire use stairs I chuckle to myself that’s fucking hilarious. I get in and reload my smgs.

I get to the next floor and the door opens.

“Shit its Wrath!!!” A gang men yells in Japanese.

50 gang men start firing. I jump out of the elevator and tackle the closest man whose taking cover behind a desk. I’m so angry these pricks fucked with my family and shot me in the arm have to put them to justice. I punch the man 3 times he stops fighting back he’s dead. I take out my smgs and spray the other 49 with bullets I kill 20 of them. Fuck the other bullets missed. They fire back at me pieces of wood from the desk fly everywhere. I flip a table and duck behind it.

“Kill that damn vigilante!!! I hear one of them yell in Japanese. I spray them again with bullets killing 5 more as their bodies drop to the floor streaks of crimson comming out of their chest. One of them comes at me with a shot gun. He fires and I duck. I grab the shot gun out of his hand and smack him in the head with it. Hes knocked out so I snap his neck.

I lift the table up and throw it at three of them.I grab the shot gun and charge at a group of three gang men. I shoot one in the chest. A burst of blood explodes from his chest as his dead body gets knocked to the floor. I reload and fire at another gang member this time I get his leg and smack him with the shot gun killing him in the process. I snap the third gang mens neck. I push a book case over crushing 5 more gang men. I kill one more with a shot gun and bash two other gang mens heads together giving them a concusion and killing them in the process. I toss a grenade killing the last five. I walk up the stairs to the last floor.

My arm really fucking hurts and I start to feel heavy I’m losing blood. I hurry up the stairs faster and reload my smg. I see on office with big window behind the leader of the Warui criminal cindicate Jon Warui is sitting in an office chair behind a desk. He stands up quicklly and yells“Wrath!” he reaches for a gun but I raise my smg up and hold the triger. Three bullets hit him as my gun jams. He stagers back a little but trys reaching for his gun. I throw my gun on the floor and charge at him. I jump over his desk and grab him by the throat.

He grabs the arm I'm choking him with and says 

“Please let me go,”

“Fuck off you piece of shit!” I yell at him as I throw him out the glass window shattering it in the process. I watch as he falls to the ground and blood starts mixing with rain puddle he fell on. The purple rain washing away his blood.

I sit in the office chair I’ve avengend my family. I take out the bottle of scotch open it and take a few sips. I look at my shoulder wound its really driping blood I’ve lost too much. My body feels heavy as I close my eyes. I open them to find my wife and daughter along with a shining bright light behind them. I am home.

Submitted: March 12, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Christopher Rhodes. All rights reserved.

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Christopher Rhodes

Thanks for the advice I'm changing a few things now thanks and good luck.

Sun, March 13th, 2016 2:40pm

Christopher Rhodes

Made the action sequences longer and with more action. Improved the grammar added more periods and even added a little extra thing at the end thanks for the advice.

Sun, March 13th, 2016 3:55pm

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