Departure Pt.1

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Here is a short-story/novella I recently started.

Submitted: June 05, 2008

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Submitted: June 05, 2008



Departure Pt. 1

She hovered through the room, her arms spread like wings, her mouth a spitting mimicry.  She had never even been on a plane but would marvel at their departure astride the rope swing in her own backyard.
‘Someday I’ll take her ‘, he thought as he thumbed the sweat from her brow.  The girl returned a gratuitous smile.
“Jamie, do you understand what happened to mommy, where she is?”  She shot her arm into the air, aligned it with the light fixture and faked dizziness, spinning to the course carpet with a giggle.
“That’s right mommy’s in heaven, who told you that?”  She scrunched her nose, her eyelids tight recalling her four years of memory.
“Mrs. Halloworth, she said mommy is an angel in the sky now with Mr. Holloworth.”  He gave a tight-lipped smirk lifting her upright.  
“If Mr. Holloworth can make it, I guess anyone can honey.” He wasn’t sure if he believed in such a place.  What all-loving divinity would take away his wife and still deny him the son he longed for but would now never embrace?  
She rubbed her eyes and yawned.  “Are you tired baby, ready for bed?”
“A bath?” she suggested.
“Sure, a bath”
“With bubbles?”
“With little princess bubbles, and then maybe a story.”  He collected her warm embrace and removed her tiny black dress.  The piles of Ashley’s unwashed clothes left a deep painful smite of the past weeks events.  He shoved the little dress to the back of the closet where in time it would hopefully be forgotten.  
“Daddeeee, my sailboat.”  She wailed, interrupting his thoughts.
“Sorry, almost forgot”
“What’s wrong daddy?”
“Nothing honey, maybe tomorrow.  Okay?”  She seemed unappeased.  “We have a busy day tomorrow.”
“Will we see mommy?”
“No.”  She half-frowned through her mask of tiny bubbles and returned her attention to her now capsized plastic sailboat.

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