Meatgrinder: Junk Food

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Leroy Brown is just another Junkie in Kobe looking to get a fix, he spots a nice place to break into, but the cops just screw it all up for him. Life is hard for a dope fiend when he's off the nod.

Christopher  S McLoughlin2100 words

444 Hedges Street

Ashville, Ohio, 43103

(614) 205-3934

Copywrite 2014



Meat Grinder Presents

Junk Food

By Christopher S. McLoughlin


Leroy, a strung out punk rocker, scuffles down a red brick walkway. The tall triangles of his green mohawk flap quietly in the wind. A dog howls and breaks the silence of the chilly autumn night.

He stops at a quaint coffee shop and peers through the large window pane, his nose ring tings against the glass. Inside the coffee shop are overstuffed couches, high oak tables with barstools, and a kitchen fit for a professional barista. 'Kool Beans' is etched in the glass to look like frost with a corny coffee bean under it with sunglasses on.

Leroy slides over to a wooden door with nine separate glass sections. His black leather glove grips the brass door handle. Locked.

He inhales a gob of gooey snot and wipes the remainder on his Social Distortion hoodie.

"Fuck it."

Leroy scoops up a loose brick from the street and smashes it through a small window near the door knob. An alarm whines. He pushes away shards of glass, unlocks the door, and enters.

Leroy quickly creeps by the comfortable furniture to the cash register. He removes his trusty screwdriver from the back pocket of his faded black jeans. He inserts the tool between the drawer and the register and pops it open. Nothing.

"Shit the bed."

Leroy's bloodshot beady eyes gaze down at a small lock box  underneath the register, a string of luck and a few twists and tugs with the screwdriver and Leroy has a fist full of cash.

"God bless lazy managers."

A police siren wails outside. The coffee shop fills with bright fluorescent light.

Sheriff Judd screams into a bull horn. “This is the Kobe Police Department! Come out with your hands up.” 

Leroy snarls and shoves the cash into his pockets. He bursts through the back door but stops abruptly.

Sherriff Judd; a tall, stocky, hillbilly in his forties sucks on a lump of tobacco. He points his revolver at Leroy and cocks it.

“Hankerin' for a bear claw, son?" Judd says with a deep drawl.  

Sheriff Judd grabs Leroy by the collar, slams him against the brick wall and cuffs him. Judd reaches into his back pocket and retrieves two cream colored latex gloves with his right hand.

“Do you have any sharp objects that might stick me?” The left handed law dog barks.

The smelly punk rocker smirks, “Yeah my dick.”

"I doubt it, all the shit you pump into your system that thing ain't stuck nothin' in years."

Judd snaps on the glove using his teeth and slowly digs into the perpetrator's pockets,  the cash crinkles in his gloves.

“Now what’s this here, son?” Judd says.

“My lunch money” Leroy spouts off. “My mommy forgot to send me a brown bag.”

“Cute. They’ll like that in lock up.”

Sheriff Judd places the green backs into a plastic evidence bag. He raises Leroy from the brick wall and drags him to the front of the Kool Beans Coffee Shop by his sweat stained shirt collar. Sheriff Judd tosses the criminal in the back seat of his cruiser.

“Easy there officer, I ain’t a duffle bag.” Leroy whines.  

Sheriff Judd slams the back door of his vehicle.

“How'd you know I'd run out the back door?” Leroy asks.

Sheriff Judd opens the driver’s side door and eases into the front seat.

“I parked in front and flooded the place with light. I knew you’d run out like a cockroach.” Judd tells him.

“Clever.” Leroy responds.

“Not much of a police force here in Kobe. We gotta make do. You junkies ain’t got much gumption. I ain’t clever, just smarter than you stick pin dolls.”



Sheriff Judd drives his cruiser past businesses on the main strip into the residential part of town. The houses scoot across the slightly tinted windows. Balconies, garages, clean cut front lawns.  

“This ain't the way to the station.” Leroy says with a slight cringe of fear in his voice.

Sheriff Judd chuckles “You'd know wouldn't ya? Don't fret your pretty green head. We'll be there directly.” The Sherriff retorts.

Street lights freckle the road as the cruiser passes a route sixteen sign. Judd turns into a gravel driveway and keeps going until the main road is just a memory, he stops by a wooden shack, shuts off the engine and exits the cruiser. Judd opens the back door and yanks Leroy out.

“Either take me to jail or let me go. I got rights!” Leroy spits in Sheriff Judd's face.

Judd laughs and wipes the thick, yellow mucus from his cheek.

“Keep sweet talkin' me princess.”

Sheriff Judd whips out a night stick and cracks the green haired porcupine over the head with it. Leroy stumbles and falls. Blood spills from his mouth as his eyes flicker like old cafeteria lights. Judd drags Leroy’s body into the shack.

Inside an array of dead pigs, cows, and deer, swing from meat hooks. Zed, a short, skinny man with glasses, slices up a pig and throws the meat into a large disposable foil pan. He pauses and glances at the Sheriff.

“Hey Judd, whatcha got there?” Zed bellows.

Judd drops his captive on to the wood floor boards at the entrance. The short man adjusts his round bifocals. His greasy silver hair hangs just above his ears.

“My, my, if it ain’t Leroy Brown.”

Leroy shakes his head rapidly. “Zed? What the fuck’s goin’ on?”  

Zed wipes his bloody hands on his jeans.  

“I caught this sad excuse for a criminal breaking into  Kool Beans. You know him?” Judd asks.

“Yeah. He used to work as a cook at the Barbeque Pit.”

“Appears it’s gonna be a homecoming for you Leroy.” Judd tells his perpetrator.

"Strip down to your spankies Leroy."

"The fuck? I always knew you were weird, Zed, but never no faggot."

Zed picks up a thick ribeye steak and slaps Leroy in the face.

"This ain't got nothing to do with pleasure boy, this has to do with business. Nobody here, probably nobody nowhere wants nothin' to do with that slimy dirty ass of yours. Now you're either gonna strip down to your panties or Judd here's gonna pistol whip the ugly off ya."

"Whatcha gonna do then, Zed? I ain't never stole from you."

"Mighta not stole from me, but ya stole from my customers, from my kin, from everyone that ever tried to love you. Everything that you poisoned yourself with came from someone else's pocket. Now strip."

The Junkie grunts and grumbles but complies to his elders.

"Now you might feel a slight sting" Judd tells the punk rocker.

Zed helps Sheriff Judd lift Leroy on to a set of three sterilized meat hooks connected to a single thick chain.

“Nice and slow, now,” Judd grunts.

The hooks dig into Leroy’s thighs and back. The flesh stretches and tears to conform to the steel. Leroy tenses up and holds his breath. His jaw bulges with tension. 

“Jesus Fucking Christ!” Leroy belts.

He yelps in pain and kicks his legs vigorously. Judd raises a calm hand to Leroy. Zed pats his shoulder.

“Simmer down now. All that kicking and screaming ain’t gonna help you none,” Zed says.

Sheriff Judd and Zed pull the chain to lift Leroy up. Sheriff Judd pants furiously, wipes his crinkled brow and looks at Leroy.

“It’s time you gave back to the community.”  Judd tells the Junkie.

Zed snarls and spits brown tobacco water into a pale.
“Oh he'll do his civic duty alright."

Zed kicks a large plastic barrel underneath Leroy.

"You was a piece of shit cook, boy, you know that? Always wandering off to get high with your stupid stoner friends."


His body twitches and trembles.

"Oh, I don't give half a horse fuck about what you did two years ago, however I do care about what you been doing lately. I can't have any drugs in your system. It'll fuck up the recipe." Zed says.

"You bout done with me boss? I gotta get back out to fighting crime before they notice I ain't patrollin'."

"You're good , I can handle this junkie from here."

''See ya hoss." Sherriff Judd waves as he walks out the door.

"Just us now." Zed tells his prey.

Zed walks around the workshop. Seasonings fill the shelves. The floor is all tile underneath the hooks with a drains placed throughout the building to maintain easy cleanup. 

"How you feeling?" Zed asks his victim.

Leroy shivers.

" hurts..... real...bad." Leroy croaks.

"You'll get used to that hook holding you up. Want a beer?" Zed asks.

Zed walks over to an economy size refrigerator and grabs two light lagers. He cracks one of the cans open and feeds it to his victim, some even makes it into his mouth.  He tosses the can into the trash. Zed opens his own and chugs it down.

"It gets the edge off. I know you're in the shittiest situation you've ever been in. Luckily though, this is the last shitty situation that you'll ever be in because I ain't gonna let you go."

"No?" Leroy asks.

"Not at all. Leroy, you are a complete piece of shit. It's not that you do drugs and are a jerk off, but you terrorize the neighborhood. Break into cars. Steal purses. You need to provide for yourself, have a job."

"I had a.... job..... with you." He snarls.

"But you never worked a day in your life." Zed belts out.

"Complete lack of determination. Lack of discipline. No redeeming characteristics at all."

"Enough to kill me?" Leroy begs.


Zed shakes his head then looks at his prey deeply.

"You bein' a dirty dope dealing fuck isn't enough reason for me to kill you."

Zed wipes his chin and tosses the other beer can into the trash with ease. He opens a cabinet that displays knives, bone saws and other murder paraphernalia.

"You gonna kill me?"

"You see that's why I fired ya. No attention to detail. I'll eventually end your life but it's a long process. First a victim must be brought back to the smokehouse in good condition, bruising the body could hurt the meat, and boy you got a crack in your head the size of the damn liberty bell, so we gotta let that sucker heal. Next, the meat must be injected with flavors and salt water solution. Garlic, onions, carrots, celery, almost like a marinade. Beer helps. I cook all my meat in a good light beer. Especially the junkie meat. I'll keep you alive long enough to grow skin around the hook, that's usually enough time to get pills, cocaine, heroin, or any other substance that could change the flavor profile of the meat without losing all muscle mass. This long period of cleansing also allows the fat to settle. We'll feed you good, though."

Zed prepares a large needle with seasoning solution.

"After I got you pumped full of nutrients and clean out all the drugs I slice open your throat and bleed you out like a pig. After that we smoke you with hickory and just a bit of maple wood."

"I'm gonna die like a pig?" Leroy cries.

"Keep tearing up like that and you'll die like a bitch."

Zed injects Leroy with the solution. His lips purse together as he starts to whistle and sings "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown, baddest man in the whole damn town, meaner than ol' King Kong, bout to get smoked like a Kobe hog."


A blonde teenage boy and his girlfriend smile at each other in a wooden booth.

"So you coming over tomorrow night?" The young man asks.

"We'll see. If I don't have too much homework."

"You can do your homework at my house," the boy says making an attempt.

A waitress in a black tank top delivers two grinder sandwiches to the table.

"Here you go guys, enjoy."

"Thanks," the young girl exclaims.

"Thank ya, miss," the boy says rubbing his hands together in preparation. 

"Hey my buddy works here and says there's all kinds of different meats in this grinder, is that true?" the young man asks.

"I tell ya, nobody knows what goes into that recipe except Zed. He kicks around that smokehouse for hours and comes in with a fresh batch every day. Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth, though." The Waitress says with a smile.

"Whatever it is, tell 'em keep doing it. It's awesome."

Submitted: November 02, 2014

© Copyright 2021 christopher s mcloughlin. All rights reserved.

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Henrry Quintanilla

Excellent story. Although the introduction seemed a bit rushed, all and all I loved it. I love the twists of this. I loved the characters, it was simply astonishing. I can't wait to read more from you.

Sun, November 2nd, 2014 3:38pm

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