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I adapted a dream i had into this poem.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



A person walks past a wall with markings on it, paying no attention to it. It's always been there, so why would they? Another person walks past and notices the markings. They think," That's interesting." , and they walk on.

A third person stops, realizes it's a door, and wonders how long it's been there.

Finally, a fourth person stops. They notice the markings. They recognize it's a door. They use the markings to figure out how to open it.

On the other side is the corpse of the person who built it.

There is a note attached to their body.

" I built this innocuous door with the intent to teach the person who could open it everything I know. I waited for years, and exhausted my food and water. I am going to die behind this door.

I thought I had knowledge to share with the fittest mind. I have built many things and could have shown you too. Perhaps I knew nothing, as this was ultimately a farce. If I can teach anything before I die, let it be this. If you have knowledge, share it. Share it with the world. If no one listens, let it be their downfall. There is no time to wait for them to come to you."

The person who discovered the note wept, and said, " I thought this was the bathroom."

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