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Another sloppy, free written, unserious writing. Lack of ideas at the moment. And normally I don't go by ideas , and a lot of my poems and whatnot write themselves.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



I was burnt out

on Days Of Our Lives ,

so I changed the channel

to Friday Night Live .

There wasn't a marathon

that I've never seen ,

but then I saw Candlebox

on MTV.

The crowd was quiet and displeased

unaware of the band's oncoming appraise.

Seven p.m. was King Of The Hill

a show filled with comedy ,

laughter , and thrill .

Eight p.m. was The Simpsons show

a family who's skin ,

was yellow glowed.

Married With Children

was at nine,

but was postponed

by the commercial about Clear Eyes.

Al Bundy's insults were enough

for another commercial to interrupt .

A Ford commercial

that some idiot drew up ,

about a monkey

who steals a truck.

When I was a kid

I thought It was funny ,

but not the overran commercial

about the Energizer bunny.

At ten P.M. was The Beverly Hillbillies

a family from Arkansas ,

who moved to Beverly Hills ,California.

At 11 P.M.was Gilligan's Island

about people who get shipwrecked

on an island.

At 12 A.M. was a western show

called The Rifleman ,

which starred Chuck Connors

and Johnny Crawford.

It was my dad's favorite show,

but as a kid I couldn't follow it well.

Mornings would consist of Green Acres

and Little House On The Prairie,

which were two of my mom's favorite shows.

On Saturday mornings ,

I would wake up and watch

Hey Arnold, Rocket Power , Doug, Catdog , Looney Toons , Spiderman , and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Another random thought.

Written out of boredom.

I'm entitled to a atleast a few mess around


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