Winter solstice bare

air and tears are dry.

My heart I long to share

in the knick of time.

I am still the same.

I'm a king for a single day.

Bestow these dreams

in the narrow space I breathe .

Come together in the dark

and we will gleam.

Self inflicted hearts

driving wealth into compliance.

So we can bury our regrets

and form this love alliance.

Hide our secrets

underneath our beds .

While the truth of my resilience

is a fairytale in my head.

The agony resides in you .

The emptiness tears you in two.

Conceal , This thrill revealed .

Your touch is graceful

I can't lie.

It chills my skin

and travels up my spine.

When we conform

we try and try

to stop this alliance

from trying to hide.

For all I am

weak .

To your desires

I give in and sleep .

Does this love make you quiver?

Does this winter make you shiver ?

With this alliance

it's for the better.

Conceal, this thrill revealed.

Submitted: December 09, 2017

© Copyright 2022 ChristopherErick. All rights reserved.

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