An Endless Linger Is Airborne

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Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



A lost heart beats within

the phase of sound.

You pull me aside

from the awaiting crowd .

Merry men are dressed in black .

Born into the world of love's

brutal attack .

As the watches synchronize.

Your green aluring eyes

have me hypnotized.

Bathing in the after glo

They shine like the stars

above the hills of snow.

As we turn impure

the whispers that escape these lips,

go obscure.

We march through the calamity

of wrenching pain.

A silver drenched hinge

on a door of fate.

It's too late .

The lies are a forbidden plague.

Melting in the air

from the sun's scorched rays.

To capture darkness from the universe.

Is a capsule of time moving in reverse.

As the silhouette of an illusion burns.

A body is a shell .

But , the heart still yearns.

Linger ,

in the schemes of hands.

Forewarned .

This endless linger is now airborne.

He put arrow right through my chest .

He plucked the remaining trim

of internal arrest .

She loves the best.

Another skipping stone.

Drifting on the waters

by the banks of home.

A devil in disguise.

steals my heart with no surprise.

I can see the rings of Saturn .

Reflecting an image torn and battered.

As the horns are my alarm.

I still present a rose

with my loving charm.

Linger ,

in the spaces in between.

My nightmares and my dreams.

I sweat within my sleep .


in exposure.

Await the pain to be over.

My frail faced beauty

is why I mourn.

This love sickness is airborne.

Highly contagious.

Extremely outrageous .

My mind is still courageous.

But , my thoughts still bleed.

I'm haunted by angel eyes

so green .

Anger and grief

is the only happiness

this life could bring .

The thunder comes to an end.

Now the horizon is born again.

Putting off a golden glow.

Awaiting the morning

for one more show .

Linger ,

why must this ring be on her finger ?

Linger of a love so worn.

We are two souls

colliding airborne.

We fell ill to the love sickness.

It was always endless.

Linger on .

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