Beware A Jealous Heart

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Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



I won't make you tell me.

Where we find our final stand.

I'm a fragile wounded love

holding lies within my hands.

I tried to make you warn me .

I tried to ignite a spark.

But the ruins of my intentions

raged your jealous heart.

I know the pain is growing

And love is already gone.

Just leave the pieces with me

go easy on my heart.

I will give you space

and fade away

into the blinding dark.

The burning fire within me

has burnt away my life.

I have lost almost everything.

And I'll never be alright.

And the words cut like a dagger

Deep and cold and sharp.

But the pain can't affect

so I beware your jealous heart.

I oh I

know the light is fading.

And rings have begun to rust.

The loneliness within me

overwhelmed with dust.

Just leave the pieces of my soul.

I'll leave your dreams

I'll set you free

Until the darkness is swallowed whole.

I've done wrong

And you've done wrong.

Love is a test.

Only the strong survive

years have yearned

tears strained the best.

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