Desolate Daydream

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Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Calm sleeps in me. Like an angel in the dawn . As I cry these tears , of a lonely heart. Dust aged forgotten hands. That held her close during our last dance. Bound by a million years. That buried all my fears. She needs a soul to claim the youth. A memory of living proof. Will the under oath bring back the vanity ? Just a smile to unlock the lunar veils. This is where I stand .

Life cursed my rage. Hiding silence among the days. Whispers linger on into. The ears of a loved one , who stayed forever true. Wash these eyes with infant time. To be struck by devotion the last of her kind. Point the hymn into the choir. A desolate wise tale is what I conspire. Long black awe mane. Driving my fingers to be insane. Eyes of a goddess that froze my wounded frame. Dressed in clear silk . Mutter a quiet scream. This is my daydream.

I smell her scent . Everywhere I do roam. I hear her voice , calming the thunder storm. Dragging my heart upon the ground. Hoping my savior , will go on to be found. Red lips of ruby pain. Melting the color in the heaven's rain. Leaving a trail inside her heart. Enter the alliance and never fade apart . She comes to me. Like a tailor from the sky. As I grant her wish , to dry her rusted eyes. Hold her close to my belief. That friction will hang up all my grief. Dance in silence with staring gaze. Rhythm of love synchronizing fate. All the peace that beauty breathes. Is the life , That feeds my daydream.

Dusk calls to her. Like a child in need of sleep . Yet, she can't see , that her heart has been set free. Open to love , waiting in serenity. Reel the love forever true. Suffocate my conspire, lead the crying choir , And suffer my desire . ... For you. ... Linger up the wire . To the golden streets on higher. And suffer my desire ... For you. Reunite our hearts. Etch them in the stars. And cover up the red ribbon scars. Remember the falling streams. That washed your eyes clean . Let us kiss amongst the scream . And suffer my desire ... Of this daydream . I love you. ..

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