Hangman's Hollow

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Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



Stella saves me from treacherous darkness. She heals my inner nobility. Her heart is a wonderful facility. Masks of merchants demising a toll . To be forever free on this earth to roam.

One night when the moon was black . She put a spell on my heart. I fell under attack. She fooled me with desire And set my life on fire. True love is not always true. Sometimes it's sorrow in vain. A one way ticket on a goodbye train.

Her hair was winter fire. Coals of December . Hypnosis in her eyes Corrupting my mind to not remember . The flurry and anger She had starved and deprived. Until it got a scent of heartbreak. And made loneliness my prize.

She sentenced me to the gallows. To hang until I choke, on my innocence of love that she had to revoke. Sorrow nor mercy could Find its way in her heart. As I float my last kiss to her unforgiving lips. I die in my own sympathy and we become forever apart.

She can't go on digging weeds around my grave. To linger on above the beyond. Where the hangmen sleep. And the nooses weep. She'll find me.

The angels get lost in a song . While the nightmare of my forgotten life. Continues to ride on . She smiles up high . She reflects the sky. As she wanders off into the sunset ; I ask god why ?

She can't go on digging weeds around my grave. .

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