Lunar Madness

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Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



Easy nightmares. Inside your restless dreams . Hover over sockets of eyes that weep . They have seen it all . The birth of one forgotten son. Undertaking breaths of the only one . That guides this life. No place to run. All of my pain . It all burns inside. Now and again . I remember who I am. A heart with a shame . To a father without a name. I stray the mind kept in empty time. Where the blood of endurance is as thick as wine . Travel past a vain of tar. To lead the orphans of this distant star. Back to sleep where the storms can meet . To calm their rage with a loving sweep . The night has never been in this fright. Where the keeper explodes the dark with light. As you hold me down with your restraints . My pistol cries because the bullets wait. To string along a love that falls . Into a tragic life that wants me gone . Echoes heard like a peaceful song .

To the center of the earth . Where the heat of pain will arise . Full of fever pulling forth. We boil in a flame . Haunt me one last time. Ignite those loving eyes. All are scared. We are prepared. Gust of wind. Blows through your hair. Lunar madness. Where the home is gone . The love we shared. Filters in our sun. The ghost walks the gallows. With a translucent grin. Because the omen has cast his vengeful sin. The boards creak so easy . Under those blistered feet. That poisoned the soil. With his shadow scream. This pistol poses power. That no mortal knows. Because it is a shallow fiction that swallows lovers whole .

As you wake up calling for your child home. The man with no life in his eyes, Continues to freeze our bones. Mother I'm helpless . Father ruined me . He stole your every smile . and cursed you away from me. All is you . You are all . The light is scared. The thirst takes it's fall . Bullets are now rusted. From a million tears. They never could be trusted. They always were my fear.

The moon has fully risen . I can taste the cringe from your lips . As the son returns to home. A father's life has reached an end. Sleeping eyes cry one lonely tear . It was the doom that brought death near. As they reunite the stones have made amends. At last in slumber . ..

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