Madeline In Midnight Madness

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Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



I heard as it were , the sound of thunder. I looked , and behold a white horse. Madeline runs out of time . Awaiting the approval of the moon to shine. May she walk on hind legs and thrive on the power when the callers beg. Torn by mercy a patch of missing flesh. Falling from the stars , and fate in a mess. Will she be the omen who writes the test? Or a memory of a dream that refuses to rest ?

In the end , We were treated all the same. Drenched in terror In each drink of that cup of blame. Am I the victim to her wicked game ? There's no turning back . We all feel her shame. A crown of horns. An image formed ,deformed. A mark i've born. A mark of scorn you. She consumes my love and devours my hate. Leaves no power to escape. Gravel hands as rough as sand. Only to defy my wreckless plan. The moon is out . Blood in her eyes. I will falter into the night.

Never will I see the light of day. Never , will I march in my parade. Soft blue eyes and black coal skin . Her hair is blowing in the wind. She loves my body, but hates my soul. Its the fuel , that keeps her whole.

Madeline with midnight eyes. Death to be the eternal prize. A heart still beats within the beast. As she wanders into my dreams. I can't sleep nor can I fight. The lunar shadows in my mind. Soon , I find myself alone . To suffocate and fade away . No one knew the strength I have to never be

Luna, starlight angels. Harmonize the pitches in my screams. The scent is strong , the beast will rise. To take her fortune With a deadly bite.

Where is she now ? It can't be here . I look into her eyes and I see nothing there. It is the end of my days. . Remains , scatter in a world of sadness. . her midnight madness. As I draw my last breath . I look and I see a white horse. With death on it's back. And hell followed with her.

In Madeline's calamity . The innocent were brought down ,but even in death... The righteous have a refuge.

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