Mortal Monument

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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Toss the pearls aside. Hold a simple life of need. Come into my heart forever. The tragedies swarm in you. The secret sights hide in you. The flourished pain divides me in two . who knew ? Caressing hands at night. Fortune flurries guide the light. Of the loneliness that clouds my sight. Its bright. My love is the drive. With the ironies of peace. The chambered wise deny the dreams. I can't help the weak forever.

Who ever knew , the silence would bring you through ? Into this world of need. Welcome to nowhere fast. Where nothing here ever lasts. No admittance of memories . Who ever knew , That you are nowhere ?

Silver linings cemented in stone. Holds the hands that bare built this home. A sworn curse upon my vision . Leaving me blind to her recognition. She sleeps with danger and gentle bullets. Putting men to rest with beauty at it's fullest. Yet , no one knows where our secrets go. Hold me still upon the reasons As the pain within my demons .. Dream. I'm rumored in a path so narrow . While the damsels in my perils ... Scream. Who ever knew , She was frail ? Who ever knew , that I would fail?

I mask my mercy in a cape of pain. She has drawn the life within my veins. And I... drown. I can't ... breathe. I beware of her like lightning on the water. As I try to love like my forefathers. I empty out a bottle for my shame. My tears fall like rain . And I... bleed. Who ever knew , I'm doomed ?

In the atmosphere full of lust. I linger on within the dusk. Waiting . .. She is worshipped like a goddess. An almighty on a throne. Who took over my cemented home. A relic still standing by the hands of time. Leaves me to stray and my heart to whine. I'm still haunted by her demons. While the tower of love with no reasons .... Fall... And I knew. . It could never be you. Never..

She's a mercy with a naked eye. Who ran away with my pride. A fatal attraction , her blood boils hotter. On a trail of hearts in need of slaughter. Cry... And I am sad. Missing a love , I never had . She's the calm of her contractions .. At ease. . The smile shining in the ominous.. She's a mortal monument ... And a fatal attraction .

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