Rainbow Harness

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Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



I can't force myself to turn the page.

My broken heart dwells in rage.

I couldn't keep you

and satisfy my greed.

So many nights spent under siege.

Where are we going ?

Over the rainbow is where we'll flee.

That driver never saw the stop sign.

His beat up ram couldn't stop

on a dime.

It was a flash right before my eyes.

There was blood clouding up my sights.

People knew that it was doom.

But, I kissed you lastly

on the day you died.

Before my life slipped away.

You vowed to leave a sign.

My father left a harvest.

A land of one hundred acres.

Where I planned to plant

our seeds .

In our youthful hearts.

But , one man in control .

Tore it all apart.

I still hear you calling

"Dinner's almost ready."

As I catch a memory of you .

My tears begin falling.

Every time I see a rainbow.

Over Topeka .

I know that you are watching.

Despite the solution.

I can only wonder why.

You left me so early.

I bare the pain of saying goodbye.

On the day that you died.

A bride with three children.

As honest as this wisdom.

My grandaddy had shared with me.

In his younger days.

My mother left the front pew.

Reserved for the departed.

As she lead the Baptist choir.

Into amazing grace.

I hear a lonesome angel .

Singing right on que.

When the storm produced a rainbow.

I knew it was you.

As I try to hide the sorrow

behind my mask of smiles.

I want to scream and run away.

But, yet I only cry.

I can't help but sigh.

There goes my life.

It rains too much in Topeka.

It tries to compensate

for my flooding tears.

It's not the years you lost.

That was given to above.

It's the years you spent

holding onto love.

Next Sunday was as pretty as a picture.

As we listened to the preacher.

He said " Hearts are shallow . only deep enough.

To plant two things in the soil. "

One is the lord who giveth and taketh away.

And the other one is true love .

That needs to stay.

I had a mind full of vengeance.

A thirst to kill and then repentance.

Suddenly the sanctuary became silent.

The doors flung wide open.

A stranger came in moping.

He wrapped his arms around me.

He began to say he's sorry.

I didn't recognize this man.

I was lost and confused.

My heart has been abused.

As he slowly began to gaze into

the promised land.

He revealed a blood stained dress

within his wounded hand.

He began to cry.

"You had a beautiful bride."

Forgive me for what I've done.

The service ended early.

As I stepped outside

I saw a rainbow in the sky.

All along she was always with me .

Deep inside my heart.

Giving me and god a better start.

It's not the years

that are given to above.

It's the years that you spent

with your love.

There's now an orchard ready to harvest.

There's a rainbow with a harness.

She kept her promise eternally..

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