Resting On The Dawn

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The nightingales

call outside my window.

The rain it smells like love.

As the sight of your beauty


I suffocate on pleasure

from the eyes of sky blue.

You might be one of millions.

But, you're one in a million to me.

Sleep my love.

And dream a face like me.

Black leather.

Pink ribbon lace .

Longing for the touch.

Of depriving embrace.

The shadows

on this wall .

Slowly move.

Until they conform in the blazing night

Together as two.

My heart is racing

my love can't rest.

It's bound to explode

right out of my chest.

As the clock strikes one.

We won't stop

until we see the rise of sun.

Through the years.

I cried all my tears.

Doomed to be alone.

Until your beauty was shown.

I couldn't speak a word.

But through my stares

everything you heard.

Was always true.

I'll never forget the day.

That I laid my eyes on you.

In the middle of this leash.

The courthouse bell begins to ring.

The clock strikes two.

And I start all over again

Loving you.

The mess of fate has won.

Yet we won't rest ,

until the dawn.

Corner me .

This wall has no escape.

Platform lies

on the awakening

of an Ascended rise.

Battle scars from fingers like claws.

We wonder if we

will make it til dawn.

Still in one piece.

Rage , A room is the blaze.

Of a wish floating higher.

Our hearts resurrected the fire.

Any way we choose us.

It won't be wrong.

Silence held the abundance

of a love

That rests at dawn.

The time travels on ..

Submitted: July 24, 2017

© Copyright 2022 ChristopherErick. All rights reserved.

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