The Anthem Of Analia

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



She pledged her faith.

With a heart embraced.

A kiss lamented to me

slow motion.

She calms the sea.

She's the heart of the ocean.

A diamond in the rough.

An aged relic

with the aroma of must.

Things that stand

beholding no use .

A sign of distress

igniting a fuse.

She comes to me

like a haunted phantom.

Blowing off the dust

of Analia's lost anthem.

In a room of terror

sits a man

worn by weather.

Rifted in scars

from two broken hearts.

A blurry mind

so hypnotized.

What you believe in?

Looks take hold

as I take eye .

As the ice cicles melt away

from the burning of the night.

I believe ,

they built this empire

off a scream.

Someday standing strong.

You'll be free.

As I mourn relentlessly.

A ghost power

in my dreams.

It's what I believe.

The screeching scanners

call to me.

I believe

the anthem might concede.

You were always alone.

Doomed upon an in ground home.

Cry in your own light.

Surrender the arms of this life.

Sculptures bleed

because they were monuments of me.

On a pain I bare the struggle .

A chained beast

within a muzzle.

Always snapping at decisions.

Falling sick to my own reasons.

When the evening train goes by.

I sit In the glass dome

and cry.

It's what you believe.

This empire is fueled by quiet screams.

That belong to you and me.

Analia she grows so old.

The night can't promise us tomorrow.

So on this path I'll always follow.

Travel on a platform's whine.

Seek vengeance

and traverse the skies.

Who wouldn't ask the power from above ?

To be the one that falls in love.

With you?

Everything was meant to be.

We can live free.

It's what I believe.

It's what keeps me alive.

One final kiss to my dark panel.

As the anthem is read

within the channel.


Sharpen your knives.

Tread history on

this life.

It's still warm .

A basket of pain .

The ice cicles

melt away.

At the anthem of this day.

It's what we believe.

A frozen corpse

found on dry land.

Everything was meant to be.

For you and me.

© Copyright 2020 ChristopherErick. All rights reserved.

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