The Other Side Of Dorothy

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Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



Menacing grimace. A stroke of mischief. A tightrope of vengeance . A daring temptress. Walk gracefully into another realm. Rings of Saturn hide in the mist. To scare the coming age awaiting the youth. Fortunate sons , an army of guns. Capture the phases in the days of the sun. Estranged serpent , a personality of two. One is for the wicked. The other is for you. Who will she be when she steals your heart ? While your hypnotic puppet tears it apart ?

She does things that she can't remember. Like the first snow that falls in the dead of December. She can make the skies rain , and put you to blame. The damage is done. Will you ever be the same ?

Stagger and pray, to god you will pay. For a mind set free upon the ruled. For being so nieve and easily fooled. Love is a trap with no means to escape . Fangs of poison that seals your fate.

The ancient cities fell with no fight. As your hungry eyes ate up the sights. You transform into a human lantern . You bleed in your own light.

Dorothy , or darkness. The alias of her other side. Rides on a devil's back , and leaves the wounded behind. She sleeps in flames , a fire that persists . In the glow of her beauty that you can not resist . You could run away , be free from the bliss. But you stand there longing for that eternal kiss. ..

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