The Screaming Memory

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Mallory , screams in misery . She loved to play with darkness . From what midnight could give. I was the light she once escaped . The flame in which she lived . She carried hearts in her basket . Guided them to beat. The failure of devotion powered them to retreat.

Mallory , I held the photo of a house. That you claimed was ours. I know we don't need it anymore. That was a time when I failed the test . We were young then . I can't think of all the rest . Staggered ocean sailors A whisper in the tide . A hungry soul in need of love Just along for the ride. If you still want me , a haunted black scenery . Is where you'll find me . As I scream this memory .

I hold tight to the diamond that I couldn't bare to toss . This cosset rollercoaster has been a fuel for my loss. As my faith weighs down like sandbags . I have nothing more to share. But if you gave me one more chance , I swear that I'd be there. As I travel so alone to the place that I call home . I dream of you there ,and not on the streets to roam .

Strangers have been calling. You wind up at their homes. They find you passed out on their lawns . Did you need to use a phone ? A piece of flesh lured into the adultery of their rooms . This was the last I ever heard from you. I still hang around . Known as the nieve guy in town. Who will do anything to keep a my love around.

Mallory , You're still beautiful to me. I still need you more than anything. If you are out there somewhere. I hope you know that I still care. Now I was told by a teller. To keep holding on . Soon you will find your way back to me. Find your way back home. As my life receives some light , It glows my scenery. For a moment ,I fail to scream this memory. You're still beautiful to me. Please remember me. You're still beautiful to me. As I try to let you be.... I know .. That I'm still .. In too deep.

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