The Stairway To Eden

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Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



A beauty in distress

holds my crippled hands.

The folds of skin

ease my fears.

A chill of her voice

is pleasure to my ears.

The moon has vanished

behind the clouds.

As the stars hide their faces

and cry.

The kiss of love

lights up the crystal sky.

Reflecting shades of teal

from inside my angel's eyes.

Do not disturb

this pace.

It immunes my constriction

that fell to the human race.

As she leads me through the streets.

All is heard from within the sleep .

Of Fire sparks inside the lights.

That can memorize my life.

Pain delays my will to live.

As dusk begins to fall.

It means the heart

I call my own .

Will steal the smoke that's lost .

We breathe slow.

I hold her to me so close.

She's an addiction

That I can't let go .. Of .

Her hair feels so soft to my touch.

It's a road that is way too rough.

To go on.

Undertake my rest.

Insomnia at it's best.

A curse of love so worn.

That it marked me with this scorn.

From her.

She's all that I believe in.

Her heart is too narrow .

So I take the stairway

To Eden.

My escape,

Is an orphan of a lost love's fate.

Reaching for the golden gates.

To home.

As the mirror

makes her see so clearer.

She masks

the intentions of a failing past.

She smiles

because trust

is more than just pure lust.

A hole that I can't live in.

So she opens

the stairway to Eden.

With hearts at blaze.

The flesh is a new appraise.

Leaning to heal

what's left in part .. Of her.

With lips so sweet

she kisses me so deep.

I'm lost.

Outspoken by a thousand words.

Down in my heart.

In the darkness

she's my only reason.

A silent walk

up the stairway to Eden.

Free to sleep at last .

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