Vinyl Shelter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



Love takes control .

So I thought.

No one can touch me.

Time slept

on the wheel.

That turned inside out.

You try to deny me.

I am a man.

Full of pain.

With a mind of steel .

My thoughts will elude me.

We never had a shelter over us .

Left outside

where sickness hides .

The water will rise .

We become cemented.

Secrets shine.

They conceal .

A last resort

funnel of brightness.

In a daughter of darkness.

These pinning eyes.

Lose fresh faced retention.

Hold my hand.

On a pathway to contention.

So they couldn't find us.

The shining power

mind control .

Blue rags of youth.

Healing a victim

who is fed up .

We never had a shelter over us.

So long ,

I'll be gone

before the dawn of time.

Using up my passion.

Last fate.

First call to the chapel

of preying fashion.

Flexing knees

to a third world

she screams.

Yet , no one could hear her.

Now the candles lose their burn.

Wait your turn.

To cast out destruction.

It is a band of two lives.

That only survive.

To the heavens up above.

A fever pulls forth sin.

Translucence is reaching out.

A strand of DNA.

We never take shelter

In the modern day.

This request is final.

Two hearts sound off

in vinyl.

Waste the scavengers.

Pure cannibals.

On the hunt for love.

What's my peace ?

What is my dream ?

She surges weakness in my blood.

Just to interrupt my sleep .

So I build a shelter .

To hide my face under a cover.

So dark and all alone.

I've became her evolving clone.

Spitting rage into the face of fear.

I surround my heart in armor.

To keep it beating near.

Silence of a lamb

took control

so they couldn't voice me.

Now that hands are burned.

First degree.

I can crawl out of this hole.

And be set free.

Into her soul .

I'm searching through.

Longing for a shelter.

I need to find her shelter. To run into.

To end this joy ride.

I barely survive.


Stains on the man.

Intimate with his plans.

Where she undefines me.

I lead this lamb.

beneath a bridge.

A gift for a daughter.

Green depicting dreams.

A pleasure for slaughter.

This lunacy has had enough.

I cant sleep .

Narcolepsy won't give up ...

We've never had a shelter over us.

Story of my life.

This oath is final.

Hearts cry out in vinyl. ..

Injuries are minor.

We still shine.

© Copyright 2020 ChristopherErick. All rights reserved.

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