" A Lump on a Log"

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A childrens story about a lump that literally lives on a log and his quest to be free.

Submitted: January 30, 2009

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Submitted: January 30, 2009



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“A Lump on a Log”

By: Christy Osborn


“Hey you!”

I slowly looked up from my perch wide eyed.

“Yea,” he said, “You! What are you doing all alone on that log?”

“Nothing.” I mumbled and turned to stare at the tree directly in front of me.

“You can’t just sit there all day long. Now, GET UP!”

A blistery looking tree frog hopped up next to me invading my little world without any thought to the rudeness of his actions. I turned my head slightly nauseated by the odor emanating from this loathsome creature.

“The names Tony, Tony the tree frog and you are?”

My gaze turned back to the tree in front of me as I spoke to him.

“I’m Barney and I’m a lump on a log.” I spoke without expression; my voice mono-toned. I was angered by the notion that Tony the tree frog could fathom that his presence was welcomed. It was NOT!

“If you don’t mind,” I told him, “I’d like to be exactly as you found me. ALONE!”

“Why would you want to be alone? Why turn me away? You’re not doing anything except sitting there like a lump on a log!”

The ghastly tree frog was laughing so hard he almost fell off of the log. He regained his composure crossing his legs and pulling out a pair of glasses. “There, I can see you better now.” He smiled

I continued to stare forward trying to ignore Tony’s idle, croaking chatter. With no luck I turned to look at this frog. “You sicken me.”

I grimaced and I watched for some kind of reaction from him.

“That’s okay. I sicken many.”

He switched positions with his leg flopped over the other and tapped his chin with his web like fingers. His eyes were glued to me which made me furious.

I wish he would just go away!

“You see,” he told me, “I used to be a lump on a log just like you.” Tony flicked his tongue out of his mouth catching a fly for what I guessed to be his morning snack.

I was astonished by his remark and disgusted by his ways. “How can you be a lump on a log?” I seethed with anger, “You are a tree frog!”

He wiped some slimy goo off of his forehead and repositioned his glasses. He stared at me blankly.

“Barney? Is that right?”

I nodded.

“Well Barney, sometimes the storm clouds darken, the rain pours down upon us, the earth rumbles and the sun doesn’t shine enough. It’s at times like this that we can ALL become a lump on a log. It’s a choice whether or not to stay that way.” He told me.

My voice softened a little. “I still don’t understand.”

“Beneath that lump is something wild and free and allows you to be whatever and to do whatever you want. You, my friend, have become permanently encased within that lump and it’s up to you to make the decision to change.”

I struggled within my self. “It’s no use. I’ve been this way so long it must be my destiny.” I looked away, embarrassed by my whining.

“Look!” Tony blurted, “Look at everything around you! There are birds, ants, earthworms, flowers, trees and so much more. So many possibilities and this is what you choose?”

“I used to dream of being a bumble bee.” I said slowly.

“There you go. First you dream and then you make it happen.” Tony replied.

“Or a butterfly, yea a butterfly,” I said absently, “Butterflies are so beautiful. They are colorful, wild and free. Ahh…what it would feel like to be a butterfly.”

Since the first time I could recall I smiled. I looked with a new found respect at the tree frog that seemed to be my only friend.

Dream then make it happen, dream then make it happen…

I could hear Tony in my mind as I dreamt of being a big, beautiful butterfly. Over and over again in my mind I dreamt of being a butterfly breaking free from the place that had become a permanent part of who I’d become. Suddenly, all of the pieces that surrounded me broke loose and fell to the ground. Tony looked on wide-eyed and smiling. I broke through the wall that bound me tightly and emerged as the beautiful butterfly that had invaded my dreams. My wings unfolded softly as I stretched them wide and above me. They were like the color of a rainbow. I heard Tony croaking as I flapped my wings slowly at first then faster and faster until they lifted me off of the log that would no longer be my home. A little unsteady at first I flew up and down swerving softly in and out and past my new friend. Tony croaked wildly as he cheered me on. After a few more swoops and swerves I landed gently on the log next to him.

“Thank you my new friend.”

He balanced his glasses on his nose, “You’re welcome.”

We sat together, I no longer a lump on a log, and talked and laughed like old friends.

“Well, I must be on my way. Lots and lots of work to do.” Tony said. He hopped off of the log on to a pile of dried leaves. He grinned and said, “It’s time to get off of that log for good my friend.”

I fluttered my wings wildly and swooped past Tony before ascending above the beautiful trees. “Goodbye my friend.”

I yelled to Tony and watched him hop away. I flew through the trees and out of the forest in to the bright, blue skies. I flew until I saw an enormous field of sun flowers in all of its glory. I swooped down and landed on one of the bright, yellow wonders of Mother Nature slowly flapping my wings. I nestled in to a nice spot and sucked on the flower’s sweet nectar.

How nice it was to finally be free.

© Copyright 2017 christy osborn. All rights reserved.

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