Ranch Women

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My thoughts on being a Ranch Woman.

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013




There are times I find Myself wondering why men don't understand my lifestyle and attitude toward life and relationships.
Then it crossed my Mind that many men in the great State of Montana claim ot want a "country Girl" but what is a Country Girl?
I thought to Myself that since I Live 45 minutes from the nearest town I must be one.
so why on earth am I still single? 
But then it dawned on Me that when they say a Country girl they mean as follows: wears the right attire such as boots, plaid western shirt, tight jeans, and maybe a hat; loves to chase Rednecks or Cowboys; usually lives in town or at least close to it, she's free to go mudding or hunting anytime; and can ride a horse in a circle.. or should I say go "horseback riding " occasionally.
I concluded that I and many like me are not Country Girls, we are Ranch Women.
we do wear boots, sometimes plaid, hats,loose jeans so we can get on our horses and into trucks and combines easily, and Carhartts.
Now I'm not saying we're femanists or Manly, I'm just saying we're not really going to chase guys.
We may be looking for a Man who can take on the ranch life with us
and still love us when we cuss and cry our eyes out because everything is wanting to die.
You're not going to find us waiting in town for something to happen. we where raised out on the place working, spending whole days in the saddle, being expected to help where we can.
we're out feeding hay all Winter trudging around through the snow with wind burnt faces dressed in our  faded, stained Carhartts and muck boots frustrated because the tractor quit 3 miles back.
Spring: We're still feeding, trudging round in Carhartts, the difference being we are packing calves in to throw in the hot box, and to check the cows..again. we're pulling calves, using our horses to put out pares every day or so, watching losesome dove for the 30th time,the list could go on forever.
Summer: branding, fencing, checking the water and grass situation, moving them around to keep water and grass in front of them, putting salt out, bailing doctoring sick calves, among other things.
Fall: harvest where we spend a majority of our time in combines or semi trucks and depending on if you're lucky They may or may not have air conditioning, a radio, or in the case of the trucks a Jake brake.
And of course we wean, work everything, and doctor the sick.
I'm also not saying we're not interested in Men, are not fun to be around, don't love to wear dresses,
dancing, hunting, going to the lake, and making memories with friends and family.
I'm just saying our lives are unique, complicated in ways. but very beautiful,it's the way of life we enjoy.
To meet a guy at an auction yard, rodeo, where he's working or if he manages to find his way up here by the border,
is in my oppinion the most likely way I'll find a man who can Love me and the 20 head of cows that come with me. 
i'm out here working for and sometimes cussing out my beloved cows! 
I get to be my own boss, spend time with My parents and Brothers, work with animals, and not wear makeup.
I am quite happy where I am doing what I do!
I hope someday maybe I'll end up married and can give a few more people the amazing childhood I had and oppertunities I have now.
But if not..It's not like I don't have enough to do!
If there are any spelling errors don't judge..I was Home-schooled! 

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