revenging the past, and harming the future of agriculture

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A article about a movement on the internet against ranchers and their cattle. From the perspective of a rancher, and human being.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



I recently heard that there is a movement on the internet pushing the idea that because settlers showed up in North America and killed the Natives and slaughtered the Buffalo, it should be "open season" on Ranchers and their cattle.

This is a very troubling idea to me! not only because I am a young rancher, but because I'm a human being who values life.

I personally have never Harmed a Native American nor will I yet We would be the ones who get attacked for something that no one alive to date has seen or did. In my opinion it's time to judge on the basis of what individuals choose to do not on what past generations did.

The fact of the matter is that every Country has been taken by war! And that is what happened with the Natives, We waged war with them and Many died on both sides. No I'm not saying everything the settlers did was right, there where many wrong doings I'm simply saying it was a two sided issue. the Natives murdered people, raped Women, and stole from the settlers just the same. 

As far as the buffalo they are destructive, dangerous, and pack diseases.The Ranchers couldn't afford having them on the newly conquered land so they had to do a little population control. I do recall the Natives still had plenty of buffalo to run herds of them off cliffs!  

It's rather sad how the Internet will one minute say how society has progressed and we are better, kinder, and more accepting than we used to be.Then turn around and push for such barbaric behavior as murdering people working hard to feed themselves, their Families, and the Country.The believers in this movement have probably never been hungry but they would find out quickly if there are no ranchers, and farmers to feed them.

A lot of people will say this is something that will blow over and nothing will come of it, well maybe they are right! But do you think it's possible that some said that about the  Klu Klux Klan? These Cults are not something to overlook.

It is so heart breaking that humans have to be so wicked! We are no different than the Romans watching and cheering as Christians were eaten by lions. 

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