He Thinks He's An Ace

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Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016



He thinks he's an ace and that I'm just a king.


Do you have one of those people who,

no matter whatever you attempt to do,

simply can’t help but be critical and cruel?

One of those Jokers who always thinks they’re better than you?


Well, I partnered with one, and thought it was paradise.

Now I understand that I was just captured by his eyes.

But no matter what I do, say, attempt, or even think,

he thinks he’s an Ace, and that I’m just a King.


The laundry I do never is to his liking.

Not that he does any laundry, he only goes biking

on that cycle of his, which he cares for and babies

drastically more than he takes care of me.


And cooking his dinner is always a chore.

Even when I’ve cooked exactly what he asks for,

he’ll take one little taste, and then add one spice and another.

Worst of all, he compares my cooking to his mother’s!


Now we work the same hours at our respective jobs,

but mine pays two thirds less than his, but the slob

can’t be bothered to show up more than three days a week.

And he still has the nerve to complain how I spend money.


He never approves of anything I buy.

But if I trust him to buy things, the money all goes to his bike.

‘Name brands are overpriced. Get generic store brands.’

Yeah, if you like food that’s always going to taste horribly bland.


My hair isn’t right, but I daren’t go to a salon, oh no.

He’ll just argue that I should get a dollar store kit and do it at home.

I’ve gotten to a point where some days, I don’t say anything,

’cause he thinks he’s an Ace, but that I’m just a King.


How I remember the way it was when we first met.

The sweetness and love that he showed me, and yet

now he expects me to give romance on command.

I don’t think I’m even still in love with the man.


And he’s canceled the trip that I set up for months

to see my sister, because he’s just got to ride off with his biker buds.

It’s more important that he always gets his way on everything,

because he thinks he’s an Ace, and that I’m just a King.


So he’s gone off with his friends, biking off to Arizona.

But I’ve packed all his things, and they’ll be waiting at the door.

’cause I realized that he’s just the Joker, not any kind of Ace.

And this card game, I’m no longer willing to play.


I’m sick to death of being told I’m wrong

when the words haven’t even been spoken yet, just mere thoughts.

So forget this old bad boy. He can go play the Ace

with some feminist Queen who’ll put him in his place.

So shove off, Jack.


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