Searching for the Boogeyman

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Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



Searching For the Boogey Man.


Five local children were afraid to go to sleep.

They were also afraid to leave the house at night.

They were also afraid to leave the house by daylight, too.

Since it’s near Halloween, everyone knew this was not right.


It had happened that a visiting old grandfather had agreed

to watch the children so their parents’ could go out.

He told the children the terrifying tale of the Boogey Man.

The parents noticed from then on, their children were changed, but

they were not at all sure how.


Well, one of the five kids disappeared the night before Halloween.

As the parents, and the police, and the witch in green, gathered

to search for the girl, the other four kids reasoned their friend was

taken by the Boogey Man. But one went to the witch to ask her.


Though she tried to deflect the question to his mother instead,

the boy and his three friends refused to be placated.

She looked with her cards, but discovered the Boogey Man was real.

But he had nothing to do with their friend being taken.


Instead, she went to the mother of the missing child,

and she showed her the card, The Emperor, and told her

that it meant the child had not wandered off at all,

but had been kidnapped by her estranged father.


This changed the whole game, and the investigators

and the parents all changed tactics, to seek out the louse.

But only the witch in green noticed that the other four children

had taken a storybook and had left the house.


Wearing the costumes they were going to on Halloween,

the cowboy, the wizard, the angel, and the cat

searched with the aid of the book, for the wicked Boogey Man.

They would not rest until they had Supergirl back.


The storybook, which the wizard kept his nose in the whole time,

told them the place where the Boogey Man hides.

So they entered the sewers, though the angel complained.

But they agreed to stick together, as one team united.


They encountered some rats, who looked mean and menacing.

But the cowboy was ready with his b. b. gun.

And he shot at the rats, though his aim wasn’t great.

It didn’t hurt the rats, but it sure made them run.


Then they came to a gap, with a door up above.

But they couldn’t get through it, and there was nothing to climb.

Declaring he could do it, the angel stepped into the gap,

and before he knew it, his wings allowed him to fly.


So he pulled down the door,

which created a path,

allowing his companions

to get across the gap.


They discovered a door in the sewers that shouldn’t be there.

It was made of stone, but the entrance was too small.

The boys could not get through no matter what they try.

And as they argued, the girl stepped around them all.


For she was the child who was dressed as a cat,

and she’d seen her own kitty squeeze through small cracks.

So she figured she’d try, and to her shock, she could.

She fit through the entrance, just like that.


She returned a few minutes later,

meowing to her friends.

The boys ran to her meowing,

and discovered that she’d found a larger entrance.


But as they were going to the door,

an evil mummy grabbed the cat, and held her hostage.

The wizard put the book down and reached for his wand,

which he twirled and he chanted, setting the mummy aflame.


The kids ran into the place, and they found it was a club

where the monsters from movies and fairytales go to.

And the four kids were intercepted by Frankenstein.

But the witch in green arrived, and he let her through.


She brought the kids with her,

and quickly explained

that should one look for monsters,

this would be the place.


But for the most part, the monsters here aren’t any harm.

And she often comes here for tea with her brother.

So the four kids will be safe, especially since they

are under the with in green’s escort and shelter.


And it was her who enabled their powers.

With a bit of her magic, just a taste to help out.

The kids thank her, and they go searching

for the Boogey Man, whom is easily found.


The storybook tells the wizard exactly what he looks like.

But they didn’t mention that the Boogey Man

doesn’t care to hurt kids.

He would rather play jazz.


Which he does, five nights a week.

It’s his job at this club.

And the witch brings the kids to go listen to him.

Though they don’t get the words, they love the rhythm.


When he finishes, she introduces the four,

the cowboy, the wizard, the angel, and cat.

The cowboy explains about their missing friend,

and demands the Boogey Man give Supergirl back.


The Boogey Man doesn’t quite understand,

so he asks the witch, but she deflects the question.

So he returns to the kids, and what actually happened

he rather easily pieces together.


He tells the children they they should all go home

and tell the police exactly what they told him immediately,

for they saw Supergirl and her father together.

The witch is surprised, too, and takes the kids home,

as the Boogey Man promises to take care of everything.


As the kids and the witch return back to their house,

they see their missing friend walking with a large beast.

And he’s carrying a large bag with him as well.

He lets the girl go, then throws the bag to the police.


Inside of the bag is the kidnapping father.

While the beast disappears in a flash of light.

Though he does telepathically tell the kids

to come visit the club again Halloween night.


As the parents celebrate the return of the girl,

who tells them that the Boogey Man saved her,

they notice the dirt and sewage on the other kids’ costumes.

The witch in green explained that they’d been with her.


A little magic, and the costumes are easily cleaned.

While the children do what the Boogey Man said,

and tell the police everything that they saw.

The man is arrested, and the kids get to sleep in their beds.


Then comes Halloween, and it’s a wonderful night.

At the end, the kids and the witch sneak away through a plant stand

that leads back to the club, one of her own creation.

There, they share their candy with the Boogey Man.


And until the witch tells them they must return home and sleep,

the five kids celebrate Halloween every year with the Boogey Man.

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