The Day They Tried To Kill Violet

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Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



The Day They Tried To Kill Violet.


Once upon a time,

in the same place you are now,

the peace of life was disrupted

by a dreadful scandal. I’ll tell you how.


For it seemed that recently,

a man who’d lost his job that week

was, for the first time noticing

violet predominated the images on his children’s T. V. screen.


He found this disturbing, as he’d been raised

to believe that red should rule, the color of men.

And it worried him to see his son holding a grape-colored bear.

So he went to his preacher and asked him what violet meant.


The preacher told him very strictly

that violet was the color of those evil ones.

The man became quite concerned

because it was spreading its filth to his innocent sons.


The preacher didn’t quite believe

so the next weekend, he turned on the show.

And the absence of red made him see red himself.

Thus, he vowed to himself he would make the show go.


The next morning the preacher went to his pulpit.

The congregation there readily accepted their chains.

As they listened to the idiot blustering on and on

about how the time had come, their nation to reclaim.


He proposed a course of action,

with militaristic terms that excited the men.

When it was over, most of the congregation

decided to hunt and kill violet there and then.


Only one woman there, a woman in green,

who was visiting only for the sake of a friend,

refused to go along with this madness.

To everyone else, the preacher passed out weapons.


And they hunted through town, like a pack of wild men.

Violet was destroyed wherever it met their eyes.

Nor was aubergine spared, lilac, or amethyst.

Even innocent rose was crushed, but lavender was truly despised.


Neither mailbox nor toy, nor shirt nor vegetable,

nor flower growing in a garden, and certainly not T. V. screens

were spared. Anything with even a smack of violet-relation

was smashed under these dull bigots’ feet.


They stormed to the T. V. studio,

without realizing the woman in green followed, with fear on her face.

And finding that indigo was the dominate color there,

they bashed and broke the place like human hurricanes.


The men from the church captured the staff, and destroyed their uniforms.

For indigo was also the uniform’s tint.

And they took the staff out to the sunlight,

where they set up a tribunal for the wicked bent


of breaking the red domination they demanded,

and introducing rainbows and diversity.

As the manager pleaded for his life, they laid him down to slay him.

And that was too much for the woman in green.


She created a storm on the spot,

and she rained lavender lightning down on the pack.

Followed by winds that blew the men,

pinning them to the wall so they couldn’t react.


And she called the storm off, but she left the wind there.

Instead, she threw crystals and glass, creating a prism.

First she undid all the damage they caused with a spell,

then she explained to them scientifically what a color is.


The wild pack of men, and the preacher as well

all felt like fools, as the science broke through.

A mere color and its shades are not decadent.

Of course, the police then showed up and arrested the fools.

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