The Gypsies: Episode 3: The Collectors.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Episode 3: An evil band of space pirates, who like to kidnap women, visit a planet where several crewmen are sent. They manage to kidnap every woman on the planet and most of the female Bre-anye crew; Iris, and Moss, and Winters. Only Kylie and Sequoia are spared, but for a reason they would prefer not to be.

The women must defeat the kidnappers but first, Winters must force Iris and Moss to stop fighting each other. To their dismay, Dr. Shamrock is also aboard as a prisoner. What role will this ex-crewwoman and warlock (oath-breaker and traitor to the coven) play? Is she reformed friend or still treacherous foe?

Featured cast: Ray, Moss, & Iris. The Collectors.

Table of Contents

The Gypsies: Episode 3: The Collectors.

Episode 3: The Collectors.     A fatigued female orc with sage green skin walked onto the control bridge of the... Read Chapter