You can't paint

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Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016



You Can't Paint.


You made a lovely canvas,

and for a long time, I bought in.

Because I was the image,

which told me all I was within.


But you showed your true colors,

the mirror showed me mine.

I was nothing like the picture

that you imposed on my mind.


You treated me like a sculpture,

carving off what you didn’t want, you see.

I believed you for so long,

until I rediscovered me.


I don’t know how I did it,

but your painting turned out false.

I was turned to an illusion

that you pasted on the wall.


Now you can’t paint on me.

And you can’t claim your power

freezes me in place

and leaves me as though I were yours forever.


You created quite an image,

using nothing but pastels

and using colors I despise,

and putting me through hell.


You can paint another image,

but you haven’t got the skill.

You hold a paintbrush in your hands,

and use it as you will,


but you lack the right components.

The training that you think you have

has worn out like your painting.

And it’s time I make my stand.


See, you can’t paint on me.

I won’t let you anymore.

I am not your pastel image.

And I’m walking out the door.


You should take your paints and throw them out.

Spill your brushes on the floor.

I see the truth now, and you can’t paint on me again.

‘Cause I won’t let you anymore. 


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