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Orange goes on a adventure with the color black. Black is an extremely dangerous color. What will Orange do with the color black?



Chapter 1Black’s Trap


In the land of Cottonswabba, there was a laboratory that was owned by a guy named Orange, and he was the color orange. Everyone’s name was the name of their color, and each color had it’s very own traits. There was one problem. The color black killed anything it touched, and it was not illegal to keep it around. Nobody has has had an accident yet with the color black. Every time black touched a color, that thing would turn black and burst open into black, triangular shards.



“I will kill everyone!” Orange says laughing. Orange colored people tend to be more arrogant and evil, dueling with their goodside. Orange is making black goop.

“What shall I call this goop?” Orange thought about it for awhile.

“I will call it ink,” Orange tried to use a pencil on it, but the pencil disintegrated into black dust.

People of Cottonswabba had tiny arms but could stick objects and hold things through their nonexistent hands. Each person was also squishy. If anybody is a square, then they would not exist because being any sharp-edged object is genetically impossible in this land.

Orange had a very special and unique jar on his desk. He had to keep the black ink in that jar or everything would go insane. The jar had some kind of magic-- the magic of protection and containment. Orange held the jar of death and poured one tiny drop on a multi-colored flower. The flower burst opened into death with tiny black shards shooting out everywhere.




Orange was at the park holding his magical deadly jar. He was sitting on a brown bench. The color brown represented seriousness. Though It tended to be on objects more than people. Orange saw a book on the ground called How are Baby’s Colors Chosen? He picked it up and started reading it. Each page was white. The book described the color’s personalities and how they act. It also talked about how a baby can easily change color based on behavior, but your birth color will always be there.  There are rare cases of Maroon and Purple. Maroon is the color of destruction and emptiness. That is why it’s extremely rare. Purple is the color of adventure. Nobody wanted that one because there really wasn’t any adventure to be found in the world of Cottonswabba.


The park was lush with green, and Orange was sitting at his bench a bit away from the tree at his right. He pulls the lid off the jar and puts a tiny little drop on a tree. Orange, 100 meters from the base of a tree, observes that the angle between the ground and the top of the tree is 18 degrees. He estimated the height (h) of the tree to the nearest tenth of a meter. Orange saw the tree burst open into tiny fragments. He was not the only one watching.


Blue was in shock and awe.

“Woah! Orange, how did you do that!” Blue yells.

“You don’t know? It’s the dangerous color, black,” Orange was so confused about Blue’s ignorance.

“What’s the color black?” Blue asks.

Orange facepalmed himself. “Wow, you separate yourself from society too much.”

“I stay home all day and use technology and usually ignore people,” Blue darkly said.

Orange left awkwardly, trying to escape this odd boy.

Blue appeared to keep following him.

Chapter 2 Blue’s new friend


Blue hid behind various objects stalking Orange. Orange kept turning around making sure that Blue was not following, but he couldn’t find this strange boy at all. Orange went down to the subway and walked on the tracks like it is no big deal. Everyone was freaking out. He said it was fine. Orange was minding his own business. Until, he opened his secret door, and heard a thud. Orange ran into his lab and shut the door.


Orange took a deep breath leaning on the door. He turned around and Blue was in his lab! Orange let out a shriek.

“How did you get in here!” Orange yells.

“I followed you and took the vents to enter,” Blue says with a smirk.

Orange opened his door and forced Blue out.

“Remember this, Orange! I will find a way to get in here, besides the vents,” Blue was furious.

“Yeah, I’d like to see you try,” Orange says savagely.




Orange was cooking up a storm in his lab.

“This is brilliant!” Orange says laughing. “I can use this powerful black ink on a lamp post out on the streets!”

Orange heard something metal drop on the floor.

“Who's there?” Orange says holding the black ink in his hands. “Blue! I swear if it is you, I will kill you.”

There were pitter patters from behind him. Orange turned around with a big gulp of his own saliva.  Giant tongs came from behind Orange. The tongs snatched the black ink away from him!

“Not so fast! I got your black ink and you shall bow down to me,” Blue says.

“Argh! Blue I will murder your face off!” Orange bolted towards Blue.

Blue tripped Orange with his foot. Orange fell hard and had cotton coming out of him.

“Ah! I am bleeding! Stitch me up Blue,” Orange covers his face with his hands.

“You’ll see, I am not so bad!” Blue says, pulling out a needle and thread.

Orange had to hold back tears because getting stitches was absolutely painful, but he didn’t want his stalker, Blue, to know.

“I think we should be friends, Orange,” Blue bluntly says.

“You are a creep,” Orange says sniffling because he was getting stitched.

“I never had a friend,” says Blue.

“Okay fine, I’ll be your friend,” Orange says with the fakest voice.

Blue was happy. A few hours later, Orange has been stitched up and rested.

“I think we should destroy a lamp post out on the streets for everyone to see, Blue,” Orange says.




Blue and Orange were out on the streets looking for the perfect lamp post. They saw one with a construction worker on it. Orange and Blue went up to it. The person was green.

“Hi, are you enjoying work, Green?” Blue asks. Orange looks at Blue.

“Yeah, I’m sculpting this lamp post with plasma,” Green says holding a plasma gun.  “I’m having trouble with this lamp though. I have to make sure that all lamps have the same exact angle in their shadows.”

Blue says, “Ya? tell us the math problem.”

“I don’t think this guy payed enough attention in school...,” Orange was cut off by Green saying the problem.

Find the shadow cast by a 10 foot lamp post when the angle of depression of the sun is 58º. Find the length of the shadow to the nearest tenth of a foot,” Green says.

“Why does the lamp have to be 10 feet tall?,” Orange asks.

“We have to be perfect in our work, that’s why greens are always hired,” Green was proud with what he said.

“Well, I came here to do something great,” Orange was filled with excitement.

“Well, what is it?” Green was curious.

Orange pulled out the ink.

“What is that?” Green was shocked.

“It’s black goop,” Orange holds the magical jar out.

“Try it on my lamp,” Green was energetic with curiosity.

Orange poured the black ink onto the grey lamp. The lamp turned black with black veins with a hint of purple. The ground surrounding the lamp turned black and started to break apart. The ground shook and Orange, Blue, and Green were in fear. They started to dash away from the darkness, hoping it would not envelope them.


The lamp post fell into the ground with black dust emanating from the hole. Green was furious with anger. Orange and Blue saw Green turn red.

“Green! You're turning red,” Blue yells.

“Orange! I worked on this lamp post for weeks! You have ruined it,” Red pushes down Orange.

“Green! Relax,” Orange was terrified.

“Who is Green,” Red was confused.

Chapter 3 The Word of Black Spreads


Red started to chase Orange and Blue. People were getting shoved down by Red.

“I will make you rebuild every lamp in this city!” Red was furious.

Orange was dashing for his life, and Blue was trying to keep up with Orange.

“Get out of my way stupid people!” Red was starting to combust because he was so angry.

“Red, you need to relax. Your burning alive!” Blue was so scared.

Red realized that he was on fire and started to scream. He turned back into Green.

Water was poured on Green. Green had charcoal grey cotton on him.

“We need to take you to the hospital before you die from too much expansion of your cotton from the air,” Blue felt bad for Green.




“I feel bad for Green,” Blue says sitting on a chair waiting for Green to come out.

“He deserves it! Green tried to kill us,” Orange denying he started it all.

“You're just a jerky orange. Only wanting what you want,” Blue looks away from Orange with disgust.

Orange tried to put his nub arm on Blue’s shoulder.

“Don’t touch me! Just leave,” Blue tried to hold back tears.

Orange got up and left.


Orange was upset. He started to turn into the color Navy. Navy resembles depression and moodiness. He noticed a soda can on the ground. He kicks the can up in the air and sees this very tall structure. It was an radio tower.

“Triad radio channel!” Navy turned back into Orange.

Orange decided to go to that place.




A radio station tower was built in two sections. From a point 87 feet from the base of the tower, the angle of elevation of the top of the first section is 25º, and the angle of elevation of the top of the second section is 40º. To the nearest foot, what is the height of the top section of the tower? Orange noticed someone purple and he ran up to this person.

“Uh, Hi,” Orange was wondering why somebody was purple.

Purple got scared and immediately turned pink.


Chapter 4 Pink’s Wild Adventure



“Oh! You are pink,” Orange didn’t realize that.

“You shouldn’t sneak up like that,” Pink was a little scared.

“So, what are you doing,” Orange asks.

“I want to climb this gigantic radio tower,” Pink turns purple.

“Okay, Purple. Gosh, I hate saying color names,” Orange was annoyed.

“It’s fine! You can call me Pink anyways,” Pink smiles shyly. “Follow me!”

Orange and Pink climbed over the fence.

“Is this illegal,” Orange was worried.

“It’s not,” Pink says looking away from Orange.

They started to climb up the radio tower with no restraints or a even a rope.

They climbed to the very top. The view of the city was just gorgeous.

“Wow the hot air balloon is in the sky,” Orange yells because it’s so windy.


On a windy day, a 90 foot rope tightly secures a hot air balloon to a stake in the ground. From the balloon, the angle of depression of the stake is 62º. Find, to the nearest foot, the height of the balloon, assuming the wind to be constant. Orange holds out his magical jar.

“That’s black! What are you doing with that,” Pink was getting scared.

“I plan to use it on my enemies,” Orange says.

“I know where you got that jar,” Pink says.

“How do you know that,” Orange was a little creeped out.


“Back in the day, I met someone that knew magic. The magic called Sine. Sine was all powerful magic that could protect anything from harm, even, the color black,” Pink says with a deeper voice.

“You know, I am so happy because you actually knew what the color black was,” Orange started to laugh.

While laughing, Orange started to slip off the radio tower. He was falling!

“Orange! Oh my-,” Pink had to act.

Pink had all colors surrounding her, except black. A very bright white came surrounding Orange. He was put down on the ground safely. Pink then used the same form of magic to come down safely too.

“What just happened,” Orange was in total shock.

“I used Sine to save you,”

Pink turns back into pink.

Chapter 5 Maroon


“Green you look so much better,” Blue was filled with joy.

“Yeah, I can’t become angry again,” Green had a smile.

“You scared me so much when you were chasing me,” Blue and Green started to laugh.




Orange and Pink were trying to find Blue and Green. They eventually hooked up.

“You brought a pink here, really. Stupid, life lovers,” Green was already hating on Pink.

“Says the one who likes bringing our nature to destruction,” Pink yells.

Orange and Blue escape the argument.



“I forgot that pinks and greens honestly hate each other,” Orange says.

“Woah Orange! Hold up! There is a yellow,” Blue says.

Orange pulls out his jar and a plane flies past him.

A plane has traveled 26 miles on a course heading 48º east of north. How far north (x) has the plane traveled at this point, to the nearest tenth of a mile?

“Just keep walking Blu-,” Orange was grabbed by Yellow.

“You need to get rid of black, Orange,” Yellow tried to snatch the black out of Orange’s hand.

“You're just a careless Yellow,” Orange says until the jar got snatched from him.


“That’s it,” Orange dashes towards Yellow.

He pushed down Yellow and he made the jar crack on a skyscraper. The ground started to shake violently. The building was being consumed into darkness. It sunk into a hole with dust coming out of it.


Yellow was turning red. Eventually, turning Maroon. He was filled with evil rage.

“Orange, it would be a great time to pour black on Maroon,” Blue says.

Maroon started to pulse black essence around him.

“How is he not dying,” Blue was really confused.

Pink and Green came along and noticed.

Pink screamed out, “Maroon can not get affected by the color black!”

“Well we're all dead,” Orange was being a pessimist.

Maroon started to pulse with darkness. His eyes turned pure black.

He shot out black from his hands and almost hit Green, but missed.

Pink started to produce multiple colors around her until she made an aura around her.

“What is up with this man,” Orange was scared for his life.

“He must be on drugs,” Green says.

Pink shot at Maroon calling him a drunken waste of life. It was a big battle with tons of explosions. The colors were so bright. Boom! Boom! Boom! Splashes of colors were flooding the ground then dissipating.


Blue started to run for his life. He felt a shot of pain and smelled smoke. Blue looked down and saw black touching him. He fell to the ground. Orange ran to him.

“Blue! Nooo,” Orange started to cry.

Blue gave a hopeful look to Orange and stared away. The darkness consumed him turning Blue into triangular black shards. Orange saw Blue float away in the air. Orange started to run towards Maroon. He was brought down by a great force and the police surrounded the raging maroon. They held a gun that made Maroon go to it’s knees. He turned back into yellow.


Orange realized something. A regret. He started to turn gray. Grey started to break into tears. His partner had died. Grey thought eventually that Blue could be a great friend. They only talked to each with disgust and hate, but still. Yellow was sent to the Prism. The Prism is a white triangle in the sky. It is a prison that seems to keep in very bad people. Orange/grey screamed loudly in pain of loss. Grey was now a criminal for causing the deaths of hundreds of people. Grey would have to live with guilt and spend all of his days serving restitution for what he had done.  He would never be orange again.


Submitted: March 02, 2017

© Copyright 2023 Chronos1012. All rights reserved.

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Good job with this; it was both entertaining and original.

Sun, March 5th, 2017 6:30pm


Thank you so much. Thanks for the feedback! :D

Sun, March 5th, 2017 2:53pm

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