I've come to a thought as the train stops. People are crowding the doors as if they are scared of what is inside. As everyone pushes out of the train, I stand there waiting. I remember a homeless person the street telling me that I was next. Of course, just another crazy person. I don't think anything will happen to me.

Once everyone left, I walk and there are some sitting and using their phone. I feel this force pulling my suitcase. I turn around and to my surprise, nothing is there. I sit down minding my own business, but I feel this utter dread. Everyone is staring at me when I look up.

"You ignored him," a person demonically whispers.

"What?" I say.

A man with a beard slowly stands up and screams at me horrendously. The homeless person comes to mind and the passengers surround me. I'm dead.

"You should've helped me. YOU SELFISH ABOMINATION," the same person yells.

I don't know where I am and I didn't know.

Submitted: July 06, 2019

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