I Will Hold Your Hand One Last Time

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Submitted: July 09, 2018

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Submitted: July 09, 2018



The soft lips stick together as the strong hands grab her ever so softly. They let go.

"Babe, I love you," the girl said.

He looks at her directly. He sends his hand out to hers and holds. White noise grew ever so loudly and BAM! Standing still with a gun in his hand. The sand flies upwards and the smoke sinks into a depression. He snaps out of a emotional touch. Wake up. Wake up. Kill. Kill for your country. It's the best thing to do. He sees some enemies running towards him. Without any hesititaions, he raises his gun and shoots rapidly. The blood flies as the body falls.

"I-I-I-Love-Love-Love-You-You-You" the wind says.

The man looks around very quickly. Where is she? He needs a hug of love. Laughing with bright appear. There she is smiling. 

"Honey, don't you love these adventures! We went to Mexico and the UK," she looks down and picks up her wine glass.

"I did love them, but..." the man questions himself.

"But what," she stares in confusion.

He stares back.


Bullets fly everywhere again. A bomb explodes and a building starts to collapse. The dust rises as a great storm approaches.

"The bookshelf fell! Gosh, that stupid earthquake," she picks up the bookshelf. "If you had a choice, would you sacrafice yourself for a greater deed or for me?"


That was no choice. That was one serious question that could be left into choice of life or death. 


The building crumbles into the death of love. What's the point of trying? The gunshots stopped. A bright light appeared from the far end of the south. The man looks up then down. A picture of him and his wife is on the ground waving in the wind. He falls onto his knees and drops his gun on the ash filled ground. The tears fall down as a monster grows. The country lied to him. He is a dead man now. 


He holds the picture very tightly. That bomb and himself is whats left. The tears plops onto the picture and go down to the ground. He bows down and curls up.

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