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My senior article.

Submitted: May 20, 2011

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Submitted: May 20, 2011



My whole life I have been exposed to people overly concerned with hair, clothes, shoes and fads. For a long time I followed all of the fads and tried to keep up with style. My brother and sister were crazy for brand names and 60$ dollar shoes they would wear for about a year or so then threw out when they went out of style. I was like this for a while too until I started thinking about it. My parents didn’t want to buy all these things and my brother and sister kept using them. I didn’t want to do that, and I didn’t care about brand names, really, I just wanted clothes that fit and looked nice. Not to mention I love my parents too much to do that. You should at least say thank you before you drag them to the next store and empty their wallet. We can’t all be clones and wear the same clothes; no one person is exactly alike. My parents have worn the same old clothes for years and they still have friends.
I still see kids like that to this day and I wonder how much of the clothes they’re wearing they actually paid for themselves. I don’t detest keeping my hair and makeup looking nice, but I wouldn’t pay 10$ for lip-gloss or go get my nails done just so they can fall off. I would never ever get extensions either because they look gross when you can see the clips in a girl’s hair. I would rather use my favorite chap stick and wear my own hair on my head instead of hair that belongs on a Barbie doll.
Fads are the silliest thing I’ve ever witnessed. From neon colored skinny jeans, jeggings, silly bands, gladiator sandals and even big goofy hair bows and Snooki poufs, I fell for all of them. Its funny to think I actually wore those things and some girls still do. I guess they’ll eventually learn that they look weird and stop following fads like I did. I don’t even pay attention to them anymore because they’re just a waste of money.
The most important thing to remember is Be yourself, not everybody else. I like who I am and how I dress and I’m not getting exiled for buying the latest overly expensive hoodie, and that teaches you its okay to be yourself. Someone out there will love the person you are and never want to change you. And listen to your parents when they say to buy the cheaper shoes; don’t make them throw away their money. If you want designer clothes get a job and buy them yourself, don’t make it your parent’s obligation. If you’re so grown up and know it all then you should pay for your own mistakes. The people that still make mommy and daddy pay for everything will be sitting at home when they’re 25 and making their mom take care of their kids even though she’s tired and can’t do it. I would never do that. I can guarantee you I won’t be one of those people. When we all come back for our class reunion I won’t be carrying a diaper bag and living on food stamps just because I wanted to look cool in high school.
When you’re older the latest fad will be the most expensive car or mowing your lawn ever day and bringing your kids to karate or some other expensive thing they’ll forget all about when they’re older. When you do get that old, remember high school and all the fads before you buy that huge house. Kids don’t care where they live or what they have until the other kids at school start bragging about all the places they’ve gone and corrupt them. If you remember these values, your children will too someday. Your kid won’t be ashamed to tell the kids at school they live in a trailer, there’s nothing wrong with that unless you have cockroaches or something, but its good for a kid to not be embarrassed by their parents or their house. It will take some time for them to realize that, but it took me some time too and I’m glad I learned the hard way.
Maybe it’s just a psychological thing for kids to want to look alike and inside it’s just the desire to find a mate and make friends, a natural instinct. For example, Male Cardinals are bright red while females are a plain brown color. The males still want to mate with the females even though they’re red and she’s brown, and she’s attracted to him because of his pretty red color. How many other birds are bright red like that? I’m sure he must look unusual to other birds but the females are still attracted to them, and that just proves that it doesn’t matter how you look its how you present yourself. Remember that when you’re wishing you had a boyfriend or girlfriend, or trying to impress your boss.

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