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Prompts that I use to improve and practice my writing. I tell stories about my life. Feel free to use these prompts and tell me about your results!

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



Prompt #1

I would like to go back and…. Change all of my mistakes, but there is nothing I can do to accomplish that. Nor do I desire to. If I removed every mistake I ever made in my life; I would be a different person entirely. I don’t want to be “normal”, nor do I want to be completely perfect. A life of perfection is a life less lived. A life of pristine perfection is a life of complete and utter boredom. If I wasn’t clumsy, misspoken, or shy when I was younger I may not have learned right from wrong, or know any of the lessons I know today.

Exercise with vocabulary

 Imperfect: Not smooth, pocketed, blemished, broken, cracked, rough, spotted, flawed, irreparable, discord, incongruity

Using it in a sentence

  • I felt like I didn’t belong because of my incongruity with the others
  • It was cracked too much to be perfect, everyone could see that it was flawed.
  • There was one part that seemed in discord.

Writing Exercise from In the Palm of your Hand

#10 Recall something that happened near a body of water: Fishing, fun, silence, cold, dark water, perch, sunfish, shiny scales, rough, slimy scales, rain, bridge.

Write something about #10

We walked down the narrow wooden bridge in the chilly rain of late spring. We baited our lines with squirmy white grubs and un-raveled them down into the dark water far below as they unfurled. I lean over the side and stare down into the water, where black shadows flicker and fade. The water from the dam is rushing loudly behind us, amidst the silence. We watch the white plastic swan floating dead on the water, waiting. At last, with a sure tug I pull my line up quickly, and exclamations of laughter and joy fill the silence as the squirming fish flails wildly on the deck.

Prompt #2

Think of a childhood friend that you had. Tell one story that comes to mind when you think of this person… When I was around 5 or 7, I was best friends with a boy named Chris. We were born one month apart with a difference of 10 days, and were raised together as babies. We had almost the same name, and we both looked very alike. We were practically brother and sister. The first thing we always did for fun was go exploring. One day, we walked farther back into the woods then our parents allowed until we were on the neighbor’s property. We reached a cornfield where we were following deer tracks. I remember seeing the vibrant green stalks, and sunflowers that grew taller than us. It was like we were in a fantasy world. As we walked through the mud, we heard a strange noise. When we looked up, we saw the towering stature of a fully grown buck standing about ten feet away from us. He pawed his hoof on the ground, and snorted loudly. We immediately sprinted out of the woods, tripping and falling over branches until we got all the way to the house. We were shaken up pretty bad, and after that day we never ventured that far out again. The buck didn’t follow us, but I will always remember the vivid memory like it was yesterday. I was the first time I had ever been so frightened in my life, but it was also the most fun I ever had.

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